Kids Accounts Update - Action May Be Needed [June 2021]

If you tried to log into your Kids Zwift Free account recently (or your child did) and received an “Account disabled. Contact Admin.” error message, this discussion affects you. The account was locked and we need guardians to take action.

Please submit a consent form as soon as possible.

  • The ‘Child Email’ on the form must match the one your child uses to log into Zwift.
  • The ‘Guardian Email’ on the form should match an adult guardian’s Zwift account. If the guardian does not have a Zwift account, that is also fine. Please do not enter an email address here associated with a different child’s account.

If you are unsure whether the child’s account is compliant with the updated consent form, please contact our Support team here at this link. Such accounts do not comply with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legal requirements, and run the risk of deletion in coming weeks.

Over the past several months, we have updated our platform to ensure more security and privacy around child accounts (an account for those under 16 years of age). We audited such accounts that do not have updated consent forms on file. A number of inactive and non-compliant childrens’ accounts were deleted as a result.

Previous rounds of removing non-compliant accounts earlier this year came as a surprise to many kids and guardians who did not receive our multiple email attempts. This time, we’ve also begun freezing accounts that have been active recently in order to have you contact us.

We understand the frustrations around collecting consent forms for these free accounts, and appreciate your patience to ensure we follow all COPPA and GDPR regulations.

REMINDER: Please DO NOT share sensitive information about your/your child’s account on this forum. If you have questions specific to your/your child’s account, please visit our Support site and one of our colleagues will help answer those questions.