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Hi everyone,

My 5yo has her own Zwift Kids’ Account and loves to ride. Often she also watches me and of course she’s seen the Concept Z1 (Tron Bike) quite often, since there are so many around. Since it’s the most fancy bike she’d love to have one. But let’s face it: 50.000 meters of climbing wont happen any time soon for a 5yo. So the whole thing is kinda frustrating for her.

So I’d love to have one of the following options:

  • Gifting a Tron Bike to my own kids (yes I havn’t got one yet but I could live with having one after 150k of climbing, since I’d pass on my first two to my kids)
  • Having a special Kids bike my 5yo could design in any freaking way she’d want (colourful glowing tires of different colours, frame, etc) that would only look that way to her but would be just a normal Zwift Carbon bike to everyone else - the girls would love to design it, everyone else wouldn’t see it (therefore wouldn’t know that they are dealing with a kid, which is a plus in my opinion) and therefore probably wouldn’t care…
  • having a way of just “gifting” rides to her… eg. dedicating one/two/n trainings per week to the kids that will be in her climbing-challenge instead of mine.

What do you think about it?


100%. My son was going to get his own account this year when he got his first road bike. He started asking how to get Tron, or this or that. I explained how to get them and he was instantly turned off. Just to much for a kid, not really obtainable for probably most kids.

So we didn’t set up his account, he just rides on mine. He likes this because he has access to EVERYTHING after me being on for 6 years. This has been huge fun for him.

I agree the kids account is not kid friendly.

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Well, I haven’t got it either but I kind of think it gives them something to work for. I know it’s annoying… I’ve been here for 2yrs now. Maybe try to encourage, or ride with them up the ADZ, or something else that’ll get you closer. Coz then they can be proud that they did all that to get what they wanted.

Ps: I don’t think it’s impossible for a 5yo to do it. They are strong.

I don’t know which 5yo you know, but the ones around here can be really proud to do 15km on a flat course in one go… Even though they are capable of doing 4-5 w/kg shortly, a ride up the allow is just impossible.

Especially since the wattage we are talking about is so low that the initial resistance of the trainer forces them into one of the lowest two gears on their bike…

Yeah, some of the other bikes you can change the color. No glow though. Tron? You gotta work for it. :roll_eyes: But there has to be SOMETHING that someone has to work for, right?

People have been asking to have more levels than just 50… I think it’s been more than a year for that request. This, request might take a while to actually get some attention.

I’m with you, it’s okay to have us working for something… But I think it’s quite off to ask the same from a 5yo kid that you’d ask from a grown up… What’s easy to us, is hard to them. What’s hard to us is impossible to them…

I don’t even necessarily ask for it (eh Tron Bike)to be gifted by someone else (by Zwift) to my kid…
I’d be happy if it’s just have the option to work for my kid(s). Since their accounts are for free and mine isn’t I guess Zwift wouldn’t be happy if I’d do an everesting showing their account… (Though I think everesting as a 17kg person, with my actual legs, would be really enjoyable)

Or if it’s just possible to pretend to my kid that it would be riding something nice… Noone else needs to see it… Just to keep them motivated. Asking them to climb so much that they don’t even understand the number… No motivation there, rather (as some other person replied) a huge turn off

Yeah, I know your the dad and you should know your kid very well, but don’t underestimate them. Kids can be surprisingly strong.
Underestimating them is kind of unfair, I got underestimated, until I started Triathlon when I was 8. Every kid has their own personality
Yes, why not tell them ( pick a random bike) is good enough. The tron isn’t much different from the other bikes, only it can draft (like every other bike except for the TT)
and the color glows. Not much there🤦‍♀️

The only thing that makes the TRON special is the fact that you need to earn it.

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I agree with this. Eventually once your kids are older they won’t have any achievements left to get. If I knew that I was gifted the Tron bike without earning it, I would be disappointed as I didn’t really earn it. I definitely understand that having a Tron bike makes Zwifting more fun and appealing for kids.

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Maybe request a big wheels bike for kids after level 5or so. . That will be fun and special.


Thank you!!!

Yah the tron needs to be earned. But as mentioned a kid can physically not climb on many trainers. And even if it can - until 12years human body is not able to build up real endurance. Which means 50k uphill is a lot more challenging for a 30kg children body and its just inbalanced to ask a kid for the same invest.
Ask a sports medician…running e.g. Is only up to 4km until 13th year a really good thing.

So showing something it can not achieve or maybe which might be unhealthy is not supersmart. They should imolement a „little tron“ bike for kids accounts which is easier to achieve.