I would love some suggestions on the best way to use my KickrSnap with Zwift. I’ve been doing the 12 week FTP Builder and have a hard time with the 10 second sprints. It’s impossible to reach the full wattage before the sprint is over and when the sprint ends I always drop out of ERG mode trying to get back down to the rest wattage.

Various things I’ve tried to get to the proper wattage:

Keep my cadence and gearing the same. Increase my cadence as I near the start. Decrease my cadence as I near the start. Move to a higher gear as I near the start. Coast to the start. None of these has worked.

I have ERG mode selected on Zwift and turned on on my Snap. I’m using a Garmin Ant+ Dongle with a MacBook Pro. My computer is positioned in front of me on a dresser and is close enough that I can touch the keyboard if needed.



And I perform a spindown before my ride.


Using a different setup (Tacx Genius), but also have trouble reaching the wattage required before the 10 second mark. Can do it, but barely.

What helps (for me) is raising two gears the moment the 10 seconds start, and then try to return to the cadance I had before the gear switch. That, coupled with the raising resistance from the erg mode, makes me reach the target Watts.  

Thanks, Bertram. I’ve done that too. Works most of the time but I know with ERG I shouldn’t have to switch gears. 

Im having the same issue with my Kickr.