Kickr v5 not working in Zwift Academy Orientation

When I did the orientation ride, during the pen waiting period, the kickr was really hard a few times, and then got easy. But during the ride, there was nearly no resistance at all, and I was in my very biggest gear, and doing like 120 rpm, but barely able to generate the required power. And it was riddled with vibration Any idea why, and how to prevent in the future?

Hi there,

did you enable erg mode?
Was your Kickr correctly paired (Power, Cadence, Control) or is your kickr controlled by other programms (wahoo)?
Latest firmware und latest zwift update installed?
Can you force this problem to happen with other trainings or was it just the Orientation ride?

Thanks for your response. To respond:

I didn’t do anything wrt ERG mode, as I assume the workout would automatically sync with the smart trainer.

Kickr was completely controlled by Zwift (or at least the three boxes were selected and active), and I’ve never used another program (e.g. Wahoo) to control it.

I definitely am on the latest Zwift update, but I haven’t checked firmware, so will investigate that.

Haven’t yet experienced in any other trainings, but will definitely keep an eye on that!

I ran into the same issue, although the opposite happened for me, the resistance got so heavy I couldn’t pedal anymore. Had to turn off ERG to complete the Orientation…

We should have shared. I would have been happy to have taken some of your resistance, which would have made it better for both of us.

I’ve updated the firmware – we’ll see if that has any effect…

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