Kickr Utility Settings - effect on Zwift?

I’ve just performed the factory spindown on the kickr, and just wondered what effect these 2 settings have on Zwift from the utility app:

Disable ERG power smoothing
Enable ERG speed sim


The options inside the official Wahoo support app don’t have an effect in Zwift, but Zwift has its own setting for power smoothing called Power Display available in the App Settings. Essentially, that feature averages your overall power output in three-second increments so that watts don’t show tremendous variation from second to second.

I can’t fully explain what ERG Speed Sim means, but I’d suspect it’s a bit like turning off ERG mode while riding workouts in Zwift; Resistance drops out completely. If you’d like to reproduce the feature, there’s an option to disable ERG mode from the ActionBar in workouts.

I would recommend exiting Zwift and checking for firmware updates and completing an official Calibration in Wahoo’s official app at least once a month just to ensure you Kickr remains completely updated and working smoothly with Zwift.