KICKR: Spindown isn't working

(Scott Jeffers) #1

The day before yesterday my kickr started acting up.  I’ll pedal for no more than 10 seconds and the kicker practically locks up: Zwift says I’m doing <60 watts, but I can’t even turn the pedals.  The same thing happens in the Wahoo utility.  I’ve restarted everything and done the spindown 5 or 6 times, but it still locks up.  I’ve filed a support request with Wahoo and heard nothing back, called them and it went to voice mail.

Any ideas?

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Scott, 

This looks like the trainers issue, is it working with the Wahoo mobile app? Were you able to complete the calibration? 

(Matt Canna) #3

It is either an optical cap issue or strain gauge issue


What is your clicks in spindown?

When you do a spindown via the wahoo utility, see how many clicks it says.

Normal its about 300 to 500 clicks.

(Scott Jeffers) #4

I got Wahoo on the phone, and they had me take a look at the sensor and the encoder disk.  I did, then did another spindown on Wahoo, and still no dice waiting to hear back from them.

I am so addicted to Zwift…

(Matt Canna) #5

but what was your offset in clicks?


I had this issue happen on my first kickr.  The offset was some crazy value like 40000.  The spin down would go fine, but at 100 watts the unit would lock up.

(Scott Jeffers) #6

Don’t know.  I did the spindown in the Wahoo app and all it reported (that I recall noticing) was temp & something something…  I was hoping it was just dirty (I have 3 cats), but that wasn’t it.  Maybe I’m looking at a replacement cap?  Hopefully Wahoo will be in touch with me again today.

I hope either it gets fixed soon, or the weather becomes favorable.  I’m watching the Paris Roubaix on Sunday and that will have me itching to ride!

(Matt Canna) #7

do a spindown, don’t just close out see how many “clicks” it says.


Also is your kickr 10 speed? or did you get the 11 speed.  I know they had issues with the time 10 speed were in production.


(Scott Jeffers) #8

I’ll have to look into these “clicks” tonight (at work now).

I have the 11 speed, but I fitted it with a 10 speed cog.

(. TomH..) #9

Hi all, 

I just spoke to our friends at WahooFitness and here are some official tips which might sort this issue.


  • Check the black & white decal on the side of the large pulley wheel for any signs of wear. If you see any wear, please let as know and send a picture highlighting the problem areas. THIS link shows scratches to an encoder disc.
  • Clean the optical sensor (small black dot on the small circuit board in the top cap) and black & white decal with a soft rag. Something as simple as dust build up or pet hair can obstruct the ability of the optical sensor from measuring speed properly. Please watch THIS for instructions on removing and re-installing the speed sensor.
  • If that won’t help, you will have to contact us directly
  • In case you need to provide the serial number THIS link will help you locating it.


I hope it helps! 

Ride On!


(Scott Jeffers) #10

Got Wahoo on the phone and they’re sending out a new top cap.  She said that they have had a problem with some apps screwing up the clicks, which borks the top cap.  A firmware update is on the way.

(craig jones zbr) #11

I just got the kicker snap. Similar problem spinning down. After almost an hour of failed calibration, decided to turn off Zwift on pc and retry with wahoo fitness app on phone. This worked straight away

(Tom Meeke VEGAN) #12

While I cannot say this is going to be consistent for everybody, I too had the message about spinning down having failed and in my annoyance I had a quick ride of Zwift. It was my first go and I didn’t want to believe the KICKR was broken without actually using it… by chance I tried a spin down and it worked, as was the case with Craig above.

(Peter Carroll) #13

Hi all, thought I’d throw this out to the Zwift community. KICKR locked up, I did a firmware update, advanced spindown (multiple times), spindown in Zwift (multiple times) that all cured the initial problem. However when I then tried a ride in Zwift there is some resistance in the KICKR that feels like i’m constantly riding up a 2-3% grade. I’ve also noticed that my avatar ‘stops’ well before my KICKR stops spinning (I’m not pedaling though). Additionallyt there is an orange spanner icon showing in the paring window (next to the ‘unpair’ button top left) that leads to the spindown screen. I’ve got both the Wahoo & Zwift support guys investigating, but nothing has worked to date. Thoughts? advice?

(Rick Barbera [KRT]) #14

Peter - I am having almost the same identical situation you have with one additional item and I call them power dips.  No full power drop outs but power goes from 350W down to 150W for a second or two.  might not notice in a free ride but when trying to hold on in a race/group ride it will burn up the matches.  What is the offset value you get when you run your spindown.  I am getting 32768.  So obviously something is screwed up.