Kickr Snap - wheel leaves marks on roller is that normal?

So I bought a secondhand kickr snap which the lady said she had never used. However it was opened etc.
The roller was clean not spots nothing. I have mounted my bike and just been on it 5 min and the roller has quite a few black marks.

Is that normal? How do you clean and make sure it lasts! Quite expensive eventhough it was secondhand!

If you are not using a trainer tire I would suggest getting one.

Great, do I need a tyre and a wheel as well?

Swap it all out for my current set up when I go outside?

Is the rubber residue on the roller normal??

How does one keep the roller clean?


You cannot ride a trainer tire outside. It is your choice if you want to get another wheel or change tires.

Trainer tires are more durable and will not wear as much when used on a trainer.