Kickr snap users...spindown and connection

Looking to see if I’m configured correctly or not.

First on the spindown is there a value that the trainer is supposed to target? I read if it returns 1.0 thats bad…I have received .99 .98 and 1.01 I justr want my power to be accurate.


Also I have constant ant+ problems with my snap. I’m on the current FW, and my other ant+ devices do not have dropouts so it must be the kickr. Power will drop every few seconds sometimes to 0. I have to use BT or the trainer is unusable.

Anyone have similar experiences or tips?

I have the same trainer, I’m not sure that the spindown value matters. With the power drop have you tried choosing the FEC option for controllable trainer and power on the pairing screen using Ant+. I had power drops during workouts and this stopped them immediately. See the following post:


Thanks for the link. I actually tried the FE option but it is only available when using BT? No option when using Ant+…I just dont know. If I have to stick to BT for the power so be it, but it’d be a lot easier to just use Ant for everything.

The FEC trainer control and power are only available in ANT+. As soon as I paired to this with a windows PC it solved the problem straight away. 

Have you tried the usual things like moving the ANT+ dongle with an extension close to the trainer. Maybe trying the trainer in a different location so you can rule out any interference might be an option. Trying a different computer if possible or cable (if you use one). 

Seems strange as I haven’t had any issues and the trainer has been stable but there are a lot of variables in the way it is used obviously. I suppose it is just a matter of trying rule out various causes. If you need me to check anything just let me know.