Kickr Snap or Tacx Vortex Smart

I am just starting out. I have a cylceops Mag+, and would like to get a “smart” trainer. 

I can’t decide between the Kickr Snap or the Tacx Vortex Smart. The Snap is more money but has a bigger flywheel. 

Any opinions either way?

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I can’t comment on a Kickr Snap but I really like my Vortex Smart and prefer it over my Computrainer. I would hesitate to get another Vortex if I needed one

Have a look here for some more information:

I have a Kickr (not snap) and love it.  If you had the money I would lean towards the Snap but do not think you can go wrong with either.

I cannot comment on the Kickr, but I am riding on the Vortex smart since November. It works great and with Zwift and is good enough if you are pushing over 700 watts for some time.

I actually ride a lot more since I using Vortex/Zwift, so my only danger is that the 750W is not sufficient anymore :slight_smile:

My feeling is that the price quality for a amateur level (up to 4w/kg) is better for the Tacx

It seems odd to only compare those two trainers? Why just those two?

The Vortex is £260 and the Snap is £440. The snap is almost double the price.

A more valid comparison would be to the Tacx Genius which at £460 is closely priced to the Snap. If I’m reading the website right the Snap can do 10% slope, the Genius 20%, although the Snap has more intetia - 140kg vs 125kg


As a middle ground there’s also the Bushido at £360.

I’ve been using a Kickr Snap daily for the past 3 weeks (on Zwift). My prior trainer was a dumb KK Rock and Roll with Pro flywheel.

  1. The Snap is VERY quiet. FAR quieter than a Kickr I tried (but returned);

  2. The “feel” of the Snap is very good – smooth and excellent flywheel inertia. The KK was slightly better but Snap is surprisingly good for magnetic (instead of fluid) resistance.

  3. Although you’ll find a lot of negative comments about Snap’s power accuracy if you look, my experience does not match the bad press – I think it works well and is consistent from ride-to-ride.

  4. In 30-or-so years of road cycling I’ve only ever encountered roads of 12-13% grade a few times. I’ve seen 20% on my mountain bike (but I couldn’t ride it!).

I think where you live has a lot to do with your choice: if you’re in the States, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy Wahoo and I’d be wary of buying from Tacx. If you live in the Netherlands, the choice might be different!

WHATEVER YOU BUY, BE SURE THE DEALER IS ONE YOU CAN WORK WITH. I’ve had excellent luck with Competitive Cyclist in the USA. They stand behind what they sell and will do whatever is necessary to be sure you’re a satisfied customer.

  1. It depends where you’re riding (rather obviously). You can hardly get anywhere around here without hitting a 12%'er. And 20% isn’t massively rare either.

That said, for the sake of training I’m not sure simulating them is entirely necessary.

I just got the amber light of doom on my vortex smart.  I’m not really impressed with it right now.  Its only 2 months old.  If I can’t get it fixed, I will get a kickr snap

My vortex smart was bricked basically out of box (as soon as I attempted to upgrade the firmware through the iOS app) and returned after service couldn’t help me. I sunk about five hours into troubleshooting attempts. Frustrating… and if you check out their support forums you see this kind of experience is not isolated.

After all that I purchased the Snap from my LBS and was on my first ride within 15 minutes of unboxing. Wahoo app is simple to use and free of bugs. I was having some problems with power broadcast being low until I made sure that the tire was tight against the unit–Wahoo tells you to hold the flywheel and make sure you can’t move the wheel with your hand. After that and calibration, no problems. The Snap is also very stable and seems unbreakable, whereas the vortex has some mechanical quirks.

Get the Snap.

I think the biggest problem with Smart Vortex is the quality.  I’ve had two units serviced and my current one is acting up.   If I was going to do it again, I would try Wahoo as I value my time more then the hassle of dealing with the quality of the Smart Vortex

My vortex is excellent 2,500 in 4 months and it never missed a only goes up to 7.5% gradient but just put it in a lower gear to simulate more gradient 

If you can push 700 watts for some time why aren’t you wearing the yellpw jersey in psris?

Don’t touch the Vortex I have had two now, and both had electrical failures

I’ve been using my vortex smart for 2 winters, with over 2000 km on it, and relatively no issues.  But, that being said, if I were to get a new one, I would get the Kickr Snap

@ Frank Goehner

Frank can I ask if you are based in the UK?

Someone told me that the adaptation for UK power could be at fault.




I’m based in the lovely country of Canada

I had to return my Tacx Vortex, not a good experience for me. The support was so bad  I wouldn’t buy another TacX ever.

Have ordered my Wahoo Snap.