Kickr Snap ERG way easier than Non-ERG

I have been doing workout mode almost exclusively since the start of the new year after being away from cycling for several months. I am to the point I can hold 200W for 10 min in erg mode without feeling like I need to quit halfway, but when my workout ends and I continue riding (no longer in ERG mode) ~140W feels just as hard, with my heart rate also reaching the same.

I have read about Kickr Snaps having unbalanced rollers that cause vibrations, and I seem to be getting this… but I can’t notice it in ERG mode at all. When out of erg mode though the whole floor shakes to the point that my family thought a large diesel truck was in our driveway.

If it was happening all the time I would know it was the unbalanced roller (which I can tell I do have at least a little after looking at it), but it works perfect in ERG mode so I can’t help but feel there’s something else going on here.

I do spin downs and advanced spin downs regularly and have tried setting “Trainer Difficulty” completely off but still have the problem. 

Its frustrating that I have no clue which number is my real FTP (200 or 140). If I take an FTP test its not erg mode so I get a terrible number like 140. But if I make a custom workout set to 200 watts in place of the FTP test section, I can push through it. It’s especially frustrating because I can’t be competitive in races with this problem. 

There isn’t by chance a way to use ERG mode in races and manually turn up/down the desired wattage instead of shifting is there? Or better yet would be a way to fix my problem that doesn’t involve buying a better trainer.


No free rides. If ERG mode feels easier, it is. Mixing riding in both modes is the only way to go (Zwift cross training, and it sounds like you need to use sim mode more often).

Difficulty ‘0’ is no shifting, easier up hill.

Difficulty higher is realistic shifting. You feel every uphill grade, no more cheating.

ERG mode is easy uphill, harder downhill.

Good luck and enjoy. Take racing in Zwift with a grain of salt.  :slight_smile:

Somethings wrong with your trainer. Suggest you do a support ticket with Wahoo. The Facebook Wahoo users group may be a good place to ask for help.