Kickr Snap 1 Signal or 2?

Sorry for the possibly silly question, but I can’t seem to find a clear answer to this. When I pair my Kickr Snap with my Apple TV there are two boxes to choose from Power and Controllable. When I pick one, they both are selected, which had made sense to me as one would be my watts (right?) and the other is the bit that Zwift uses to let my trainer know that I am on a hill or what ERG mode should be doing in a workout. So for the sake of the Apple TV that counts as two signals, right?

I ask because I am still trying to find a way to get the Snap, my Duo Trap cadence, and a HRM to all play together nicely. So a total of 4 signals?

As mentioned in other threads, the Garmin Dual HRM has stopped working with the companion app and since my husband gave me Strava for Christmas, I really, really want to have heart rate data now and am hunting around for alternate solutions.

ATV via BT is limited to three connections. The Power and Controllable is one connection, usually the ATV remote is a second connection so you only have one left: your cadence or your HRM. You can use the companion app on your phone to do some of these connections. Does your HRM broadcast BT? Usually Garmin is Ant+…which gets you nowhere on ATV and the companion app will be limited to just a few Android phones.

Get a direct drive trainer with built in cadence ($$$$)…Valentine’s Day??
If your HRM does broadcast BT…Companion app. If not, get a BT HRM and then Companion app.

There are some devices that will collect all the signals and send over one connection. Hopefully someone else will chime in with those…I think one is an HRM strap. 4iii? or something like that.

Of course there is another option: Laptop with Ant+ dongle and HDMI cable to the TV. Ant+ can have a bunch of connections. 8 I think…maybe more.

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Thanks @chris_benten1!

If the Snap really only counts as one signal, then I think I will try the 4iiii Viiiiva HRM, or I think the Wahoo Tickr might do the same thing, and double up the cadence and HR that way. I had been using the companion app until October when someone’s update somewhere introduced the issue that the HRM will pair by itself with the Apple TV, but no longer through the companion app if cadence is also paired. Which is to say that everything still works when paired individually through the companion app, but not when all are together…

If this bridging-thru-another-HRM doesn’t work, then I guess I will need to look at buying a new computer :roll_eyes: . I confess that I got the Apple TV because it was the least expensive option at the time (my current computer takes at least 15 minutes to load Zwift :face_with_hand_over_mouth:). And then also had to buy the Garmin Dual HRM because I did have the ant±only model before that.

I use a snap and Apple TV as well. I find that if I pair everything through the companion app it all works and consistently. Snap, hrm, and cadence sensor. Also if I pair 2 things to Apple TV without t companion app, Everything works well. I used to run into issues trying to pair one device to Apple TV and another through companion at the same time.

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The limitation of the wheel-on trainer…or at least the Snap. I went from the Snap to the H3 so cadence is incorporated.
I seldom use the ATV…I hate BT…but when it is 105 outside in the garage…gotta come in. I may hook up the laptop and run an HDMI cable next time.
I did not know about the Tickr. I would verify that. I use one but it is at least 3 years old now.
I have read in these forums that Zwift is getting to be a load…I have a newish i7-10750H and 1660Ti and it runs pretty well. The laptop previous was an i7-6820 (or something) and low-end workstation graphics and it was fine. I will have to recheck on my older i5-4300 and integrated…use to be fine on that one but the keyboard is bad so do not use.
Ride On!

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Hi @Greg_Carrick,

What kind of HRM do you have? A lot of people have posted about having problems pop up with the Garmin Dual, so maybe I just need to switch away from that.

Hi @chris_benten1,

I’ll check about the Tickr… I’m not sure where I saw that. Also, thanks for the computer info! My laptop is old and getting slow with everything. A couple of years ago Zwift was running just fine on it.

I have used a polar oh1. Never tried any chest straps. Apple Watch also works but I find I have to pair that after my ride starts for it to work properly. Using the companion app of coarse. Guess it’s just the quirks of zwift and figuring out what works.

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