KICKR resistance control

(K I.C.K.R_Kevin) #1

3rd ride tonight only 3 laps as something didnt feel right.
My KICKR wasnt automatically adjusting resistance correctly, there was some but not like it should have been.
The power appeared to be reporting corrrectly and the in game speed appeared ok but when climbing the Pokadot hill 10% although my speed was low and power was high there was barely any resistance I was just spinning!!
My 2 previous ride have both felt good but not this one!!
Ride abandoned

(Paul Joyce) #2

I’ve seen this a few times, too, and submitted a ticket.

Exiting and re-starting Zwift returns things to normal for me.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hi Kevin,

We’ve been seeing this happen off-and-on for a bit and trying to narrow down its cause. That’s the best answer I’ve got, unfortunately, but we are aware of it and are actively trying to solve it!

(D LS (OSI)) #4

I’ve seen this as well. It’s happened to me twice, both about 45 to 50 minutes into the ride. Both times it happened on the descent and when the power briefly stopped being reported on the display. Had to start a new ride for the problem to go away.

(David Morris ( #5

Me too. Happened again tonight. 3 Laps in, power goes to 0 and then you loose all resistance control and the Kickr seems to lock on the last resistance settings it was on.
Ride abandoned. :frowning:

(D LS (OSI)) #6

Update: I wonder if cell phones have something to do with this issue. I usually have mine next to me when riding the trainer. Just as an experiment I’ve kept the phone in another part of the house away from the trainer and I haven’t had any issue with power dropouts. Granted it’s a limited sample, but so far Zwift has been working great.

(K I.C.K.R_Kevin) #7

OK just had my first go at the 40k challenge really enjoyed having a target and was having great fun until the final descent on lap 7 and again dropped the KICKR for about 5 seconds and when it came back no resistance control!!! Feels like its stuck in level2. last lap completed with power only :frowning:

(D LS (OSI)) #8

It happened again to me today - three times. I had to quit and log back in each time :-(. These past few days Zwift has been working flawlessly for me. Today was a different story.

In the past when this happened it was on the downhill portion of the course. Today it happened at different places. The power stops being reported and then it comes back and sets the power incorrectly - it stays constant no matter climbing or descending. Nothing has changed in my setup - no cell phones or other Bluetooth devices nearby.

I know this is still beta - so I set my expectations accordingly. I’m very happy to be a beta tester and just letting you know when these glitches happen.

(Eric Castren) #9

Hello all-
Digging up an “old” thread. I have noticed a similar issue during my short time testing. I seem to be able to actually induce this issue when I get or place myself in a “paused” state. When I return, I experience a lack of variable resistance… not an absence though. I am using a Kickr.

Yesterday, 12/22, I experienced a sudden loss of resistance while actively riding. That was the first time that occurred. When I lost resistance, Zwift noted 0 watts and placed me in a paused game state once I rolled to a stop. I was able to quickly resume the simulator by continuing to pedal. However, I noticed the same lack of variable resistance as I have any other time I am paused. That continued for the rest of the ride. The onscreen data reflected variable watts and speed, but I could no longer feel a change in resistance. I have experienced the same ability to rest by exiting out and restarting. Interestingly, I rode 36 miles on 12/21, without pausing and had a great ride without issue.

I submitted a ticket and received a prompt reply to troubleshoot ANT + connectivity. I have not had an issue with connectivity prior (using TR for the last year plus). In addition, I noticed that even during a paused state, my other ANT+ devices, such as HR monitor, remains active, so I still have good connection to those devices.

Jason (Zwift) stated that they have noticed a trend of this happening and the issue is being escalated to a lead programmer.I received the reply this AM. Kudos, Jason at Zwift.

Just thought I would refresh this in case others are experiencing a similar issue.

(D LS (OSI)) #10

It happened to me again today - twice. For the longest time I haven’t experienced this issue, but lately it has been happening more often. Nothing has changed in my setup. It’s the same symptom - the power goes to 0 (or not displayed at all) and then resumes with the power out of sync with the course. From then on the power seems to stay constant no matter where you are on the circuit. The only way I can fix the issue is to log out and back in again. I have no other devices near me - no tablet or phone. I’m using a Kickr with a Wahoo heartrate strap and cadence sensor. The bike is right in front of the pc and display.

(Eric Castren) #11

I did move my PC closer to the Kickr for today’s ride. Before the move, I had the Suunto ANT+ stick right at 3 ft from the controller portion of the Kickr.

I was able to move the PC so that the ANT+ stick was less than 2 feet from the kickr’s control unit. I rode for a hour and fifteen minutes and stopped 3 times to induce the pause state. Today, I had no issue with noted resistance issue. I continued to have the appropriate varied resistance throughout the rest of the short ride.

I know there are alot of other variables that may be involved, I just wanted to report the change I made and the result of today’s ride. I will continue to keep the PC this close for all other rides and time will tell. I am also using a Wahoo HR and cadence monitors as Dave… Hmmm.

(DJ Trump[MAGA]) #12

saw this today as well…10% grade, was like a 2% normally

(Mike Barbone (ZEN)) #13

Anything recent to this?  Have there been any updates since?  The resistance adjustment still has been cutting out for me 30 minutes into the ride. 

(Eric Castren) #14

Im speculating, but in my case, the issue has been resolved. With my wahoo Kickr, the ANT+ transmitter is WEAK. Since I last reported, I purchased a USB extension cord, connect the suunito stick to it wrapped sunnito stick right aganist the sensor pillar of the kickr. Yes… It has to be that close for reliable readings and consistent connection.

It kinda makes sense that the weak link could possibly be on the kickr. When the kickr was first released, I remember it not being ANT, ready for awhile… It was a few months before a firmware flash made the kickr ANT+

Just my observation,