KICKR power fluctuations

(Eric Welch) #1

I’ve read this in another post, but I don’t think there was a resolution - please correct me if I’m wrong (also they said it hadn’t been seen before/yet).


I updated to the latest KICKR firmware and am seeing huge power fluctuations. I can be going in my top gear on a flat and my power will drop by 50 watts, then down to 0 for a second, then back up. I will also see big drops even when going uphill.


To me this sounds like sensor dropout, but it’s 3-4 feet from the KICKR and I’ve always had it here with no problems.

Any ideas? It’s kindof disconcerting knowing the work I’m doing isn’t really being measured correctly for whatever reason.




(Rob Toeppner) #2

Yep, that was my post, and I’m still seeing it.  I did send along a few logs, so I’m sure they’re working on it.

My ANT+ is within 3 feet of the KICKR’s flywheel/sensor area, and as in your case I haven’t moved it.

At least I know I’m not going crazy now that someone else is seeing the issue.

I am surprised more aren’t reporting it though.

(Eric Welch) #3

You had mentioned Wahoo sent you another speed sensor or something? Is this something I should ask about or do you believe it’s a Zwift-related issue only? 


It’s weird, I’d be going up a slight incline at about 90 rpm in a big gear and my power would go from like 250 to 150 to 66 and stay there for a bit (a second or two), then back up to ~250, all at constant effort from me. 

Anyway, like you say, at least I know I’m not crazy at this point :wink:


(Rob Toeppner) #4

Ah, right the dueling sensors.  

I also have a Garmin cadence sensor attached.  When I launch Zwift, and spin the pedals to awaken the sensor, the top Power area shows “KICKR or Cadence Sensor”.   At first I was manually removing the cadence sensor from the power area, as I thought it might screw up something.   Apparently it does not, so I haven’t touched it - I leave them both populated.

Re the fluctuating power output, let’s at least be thankful the in-game resistance isn’t changing to match.  That would be an unrideable nightmare.

(Mark Precious) #5

Eric - my Kickr’s optical sensor and the sensor wheel had accumulated dust and dirt that were causing similar symptoms with power. I thought it was a firmware problem at first but a cleaning did fix it.

(Rob Toeppner) #6

Hey Mark - Would be great if it’s something easy like that.   I had a quick check on Wahoo’s Support area, but no reference to cleaning, nor optical sensor.

Am I assuming correctly that the sensor is aimed at the alternating black & white decal on the non-drive side of the bike?   If so I’ve used a bit of compressed air just now, and can test later today.

If not, can you describe the location for us?  Cheers.

(Mark Precious) #7

Rob - yes mine had problems right at the start of a new 10 week training plan. I thought I would have to send in the KICKR for repair but this fixed it for me. You are right, the sensor does point at that black/white disk but I think it would be hard to get compressed air to it without removing the top cap assembly first.

Here is a video that shows how to get to the sensor:

(Rob Toeppner) #8

Thanks Mark.   All I managed was a bit of air while the cover was on, and it didn’t make any difference for the ride I did just now.  (I recall specifically a jump from 84W to 181W in a second during the ride.)

I’ll try the video instructions before next ride.

(Mark Precious) #9

I still see some big fluctuations on the wattopia rollers and dips etc but for me after cleaning it is rock solid stable on the flats by the beach and on the steady climbs 

(Eric Welch) #10

Wahoo sent me that dropbox link as well and that did the trick. MUCH better riding experience (again). 

(Marson Cunha) #11

Today I had the same problem. I’ll try to clean the sensor and see what happens.

(Marson Cunha) #12

Cleaned the sensors and still having problems. Anyone have any suggestions?

(Shane Miller | GPLama) #13

I’ve seen Kickrs change power -+50W at regular intervals. We’re yet to get to the bottom of it being either radio interference or power supply, however it doesn’t happen when moving the Kickr to the other side of the house (and in a different power point). Very strange. Maybe try move the unit away from the current location and try somewhere else (purely as a test, to remove as many variables as possible). 

(Marson Cunha) #14

I’ll give it a try!

(Rob Toeppner) #15

I haven’t been online in a while, but I was having the power fluctuations and cleaned the KICKR sensor without change.

I’m open to relocating my KICKR, but what’s strange is that the problem did not exist on my first 10+ rides at the same location.  For that reason I’m doubting interference - at least in my case.

(Marson Cunha) #16

Well, I tried a different location as well and nothing changed. This last time everything was synched and supposed to work but the in-game power was set to zero. Everything was properly synched and working. Only my heart rate was being properly measured (ANT) while the trainer (which was detected) did not interact at all with Zwift. The main reason I bought this trainer was because of Zwift, but it has not been working properly since the beginning.

Any more ideas?

(Rob Toeppner) #17

I did my first ride in a long time (given that it’s summer), but still get fairly big power swings when riding.

I’ve cleaned the sensor without change, and moved the KICKR to a test location, no change.

I will say though that the resistance it not changing randomly - it seems fine, so in that respect it is not adversely affecting my ride.

I did create a support ticket and provided logs months ago, but have not heard anything back unfortunately.

(John Clarke Z68+) #18

I too have problems with fluctuations of power on my recently acquired KICKR of ± 90+ watts. It doesn’t affect my ride as such, but it is a little distracting. A trainer that costs as much as the KICKR should be perfect.
I have submitted two tickets to Wahoo support but have yet to get a reply. Apart from the power issue,I find it a great trainer.

(Shane Miller | GPLama) #19

John - There is a known issue being worked on with v1.4.46 of the Kickr firmware. 

Beta 1.4.47 is in testing by Wahoo that addresses this issue. I believe the public update should be available soon. 

In the mean time, displaying 3 second average within Zwift might help with the distraction. 

(John Clarke Z68+) #20

Thanks for that Shane. I’ll look forward to the update.
In the meantime I look forward to seeing your strava postings.
Cheers mate :blush: