Kickr Power Drop.

(Jeffrey Christiansen) #1

Kickr Power Drop.  I was climbing the epic KOM and after the mtn tunnel my kickr was not reacting the the elevation changes.  I stopped calibrated and it work fine for a few seconds then dropped again.  I stopped again and removed power and reconnected in 20 sec.  Again it worked a for a few seconds then again stopped.  Any help?

(Eric Min) #2

Are you using BLE or ANT+ to connect to the game? If you’re using ANT+, do you also have a USB extension cable? You’ll want that ANT+ dongle to be as close to the Kickr as possible.

(Jeffrey Christiansen) #3

ANT+ I have a cable and it is right next to my trainer.  Less than a foot away.

(Eric Min) #4

When was the last time you updated the Wahoo firmware? You could have also experienced a temporary interference, which can happen in a room with lots of other wireless devices running the same frequency. 

(Jeffrey Christiansen) #5

Kickr is up to date.  I am in a basement room.  I have ridden here for a couple of years on zwift with the same setup and have never had this issue.  Maybe it was a one time thing I will monitor.

(Eric Min) #6

I would keep an eye on it. I also had a temporary drop out today, which lasted just a few seconds. Hard wired option would be a nice feature for some. 

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #7

+10 for Eric, All trainers should have a hard wire option.

(Luis Faga) #8


I had the same problem using my Elite Qubo Digital this morning. As Jeffrey, I have been using It for a while and I have never experienced this before. I guess since the last Zwift update the trainer is more susceptible of this kind of drops. Am I wrong?

(Bengt Larsson) #9


I have been having some trouble lately. Don’t know if it relates to the update but  it seem to coincide with the launch.

While riding with sensors paired over ANT+ I have had reocurring pwr only dropouts. Meaning no cadence or hear rate dropouts. This is clearly visible when analysing the ride afterwards in WKO4+.

I tried  switched the kickr to  pair over bluetooth and then it actually seemed to work for a couple of rides . I have since have no trouble with complete dropouts but  today I had some low pwr and some long response lag issues with the power and swift . Like 4-5 secs or something.

Almost meaningless to do group rides with this kind of trouble.

I hope I can get it  sorted out.

(Bengt Larsson) #10

Quick update, I have been using just bluetooth connection paired by the zwift link app today and it works flawless!! Don’t know why my Ant appears to have been buggy but I cant say I care either. Sticking to BTLE from now.

Bluetooth for the win!

(Duke Togo) #11

Since the latest updates to Zwift, including the “new” ZML, I’ve started having dropouts too… never had dropouts before - been using Zwift for a long time.

Current setup = PC + iPhone (ZML) + Neo - paired over BT.

I go from “in the pack” to … “off the back” and end up virtually standing at the side of the road reloading ZML and fiddling in the Pairing screen within Zwift.

I’ll have to pay more attention to the symptoms etc. and open a support ticket next time.  

(Maggie Kean ZSUN C) #12

Since Oct 8 I started having power only drops … cadence and HR steady, 0 power. I was hoping using Ethernet instead of wifi would help, but it made no difference. Last ride w/o drops was 10/5. Made it impossible to keep up with ride up epic KOM that I was supposed to be co-leading!

(Maggie Kean ZSUN C) #13

Choosing the FEC option for controllable trainer and power on the pairing screen fixed this problem for me. I didn’t see that advice in a few days of googling, but a very helpful Zwifter posted the tip in my Strava feed.

(Tom DeFelice) #14

Since the last update I am also having very frequent power connection drops between my trainer and zwift. Today, by my count, in a 1 hour ride I hade 35 drops that were between 1 and 3 seconds. I am currently connected via ANT+. I have had some various connection glitches in the past, with a really good streak of reliability pre update(s), but never anything like this. It makes riding a group ride almost useless. Is there a fix? I do have the option to go BT w/Apple TV. What should I do?  Not sure if it’s a Wahoo thing or Zwift thing…did notice that the latest Wahoo update mentions improved ANT+??

(Kurt Muetterties [BRT]) #15

Some here, Kickr 2 connected via BT to MBP…never had drops before using BT, now get 2-3 complete power drops during 1 hr ride, each last 5-15 seconds. Just rode the Zwift Anaerobic 10 workout, 3 complete drops (thankful for the “rubber band” effect on group workout). Now afraid to do race…drop will kill chance of staying in group. Not sure if its from Kickr newest firmware update or Zwift, both occurred about same time.

(Derek Lawrie (PACK)) #16

Same issue here with my KICKR SNAP 17.  Been using Zwift on dumb trainer for a year or so… reliable… no issues.  

Only had the SNAP a week and it’s been terrible… I’d decided it was going back before reading this thread… maybe there is more to it.

BT and ANT+ both sketchy in solo rides but definitely a lot worse in group rides.  I get fluctuations on the iPad app and the wahoo app itself, though… but nowhere near as bad as group rides… 220w…120w…320w…14w… no rhyme or reason.

have tried everything… lower resolution on the laptop in case it was struggling… fan off in case it was interfering… laptop right next to trainer… no joy.  My dreams of taking the zwift racing scene by storm are temporarily shelved. 

I’d be interested to hear if anybody resolves this.




(Len Pearce) #17

I have this issue and I tried what Maggie said above and it sorted the issue right away. Make sure your Kickr has the latest firmware. On the Zwift pairing screen, unpair your kickr and when you click pair again you should have a FE-C option which you should choose. All is good!!

(Derk Lauricks [R2]) #18

Same here. Since the updates (Zwift/Kickr2) I am experiencing frequent power drops of 1-3 seconds (about 3-5 every 10 minutes) which is especially obvious in races and erg mode (this is on ANT+). It’s great when you go from being in the breakaway to being dropped by the main pack. Also watched the Shane Miller Video on the topic. I have switched to and active USB 2.0 extension cable and from Garmin ANT+ to a Suunto ANT+ dongle. While the Suunto seems more responsive it doesn’t eliminate power drops. Oh and this is on a 13" MBP late 2016. Hope there is a solution for this soon. Will try Bluetooth.                                

(Paulo Perez) #19

I also have the same problem, I have the same setup I used for about one year  with no problems at all. First there was a power, heart rate and cadence dropout, now there is only power dropout to zero watt for about 2 to 5 seconds, they occur randomly but this happens a lot during my ride, I use trainer road instead just to check the communication and I dont have any power dropouts during my session so all the equipment are ok including ant+ dongle.

(Maggie Kean ZSUN C) #20

Did you try switching to F-EC on the pairing screen? I never paid attention to it until the KICKR firmware update earlier this month, but that change solved my problem. Before that, I swapped out everything from the computer to the ANT+ dongle and reinstalling software, but pairing with F-EC fixed it completely.