Kickr kicks second power source

Tried to setup a new stages power meter crank to run as the power source to set the resistance of my kickr.

Pairs fine initially but then when I pair the kickr it loses connection to the stages power meter and cadence.

Tried this various combinations and removed my HRM to see if it was a number of devices issue but seems to be a conflict between power meters. (Running one power meter without the other was successful.)

NB configuration worked fine when tested via a PC.

Is this a known feature? Thoughts welcome…

Two concurrent power meters (stages/kicker) can not be connected to Zwift.

You should use the stages as a source for cadence and power and the kickr as the ‘controllabe’ unit.

Thanks @Cris_To
As you said I was set up to run the kickr as the controllable unit and the stages for power.

The android app simply disconnects the BT connection on the stages when I tried to run in this mode. Says “no signal” on the stages.

Similar to this issue reported:

Could it be a limit on BLE connections similar to AppleTV?

That’s possible. I did have a tickr HRM on at the same time, but when I removed it, the stages v kickr issue was still there. To me it looks independent of othe BT connections and specific to the power source and control.

Anyone else experienced this or able to try out?

Same here - I have P1 pedals on my bike, but as with your stages, I cannot use the pedals as the power source and trainer as the controllable, on the Android version. Works fine on PC.
In addition, on the same tablet I can use both together just fine on Rouvy, so it is not the tablet or number of bluetooth connections.
It is only for workouts that I actually care, so for anything else I just use the tablet and the trainer as the power plus controllable.

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