Kickr in erg mode

(jamie Andrews) #1

Anybody have issues with the kickr not reacting fast enough during intervals?..while doing the micro burst workout, the bursts were to ride at 430 for 15 seconds, but a good 3/5 seconds is spent waiting for the kickr to increase resistance—hence after doing 20 out of 20 intervals it says fail…Not really concerned to much about the fail part, was just wondering if there is something I need to do to the kickr so it reacts faster while doing these?..Also when I manually switch it_ using the wahoo fitness app in erg mode, the increases in tension seem to be almost instantly…just wondering if anybody in zwift has had the same issue_

(Tim Corso) #2

Yep. I have the same experience as you Jamie.

(Allan Benchetrit) #3

Using the Kickr Snap (but no on-bike sensors), I haven’t even been able to get ERG to work at all in workouts. My expectation is that the FTP would kick in (immediately) once the interval starts, and that I’ll just need to adjust my cadence based on the resistance. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any resistance whatsoever and so I’m forced to change gears and speed in order to get to the FTP indicated. Very frustrating.

Any thoughts?

(Tim Corso) #4

Hi Allan, It sounds like your Snap isn’t in ERG mode at all. My Kickr sometimes does this too. To fix this use the Wahoo fitness app. Start a workout session and scroll through the screens until you see level, resistance, ERG and SIM at the top of the screen normal about the fourth screen. Click on ERG and all will be well. 

(Allan Benchetrit) #5

Hi Tim - thanks for the tip! I didn’t realize that I can go into ERG mode on the Kickr while still taking advantage of Zwift’s workouts. I’ll give it a try.

(Richard Metcalfe) #6

The usual reason for a kickr not going into erg mode is that another application on phone or tablet has control of the trainer. Close all apps fully by swiping them away and try again. You shouldnt need the help of any external apps to run a kickr in ERG mode on zwift. Its not enough for the app to be not on screen and or the phone to be in standby - the app has to be fully terminated.