Kickr fit armband

Just purchased a wahoo kickr fit armband but it won’t link up with Zwift

Hi Keithy, welcome to the forums. Could you please provide some more details on your set up? Do you by any chance have another device that it is paired to?

Hi I did have garmin heart rate monitor connected but have removed that but still didn’t pick up the wahoo kickr fit armband.
Kickr armband works fine with my garmin 1030 connected straight away without any issues.

Is there another device that the heart rate monitor might be trying to pair to via Bluetooth? (Phone, laptop, etc). Do you have other devices that you can try to test it on to confirm it is a Zwift issue rather than a device issue?

Could you be using Apple Tv and you’ve maxed out BT connections?

Works fine with my garmin 1030 no problems & it’s brand new

Stuart’s post is another very possible issue.

disconnect it from the garmin, let Zwift try to find it