Kickr feedback gone

(Will) #41

Thank you Aaron - I’m sorry it has never worked.
Very useful data point though.
I will update our issue tracker with your feedback.
Do you know what firmware you have on Gen 1 kickr ?
And thanks again for helping!

(zwill) #42

Thanks Chay for confirming. We are definitely losing resistance packets that are being sent to trainer; there is basically a high error rate on Wahoo kickrs, when running Android.
We aim to have improvements in the next 1-2 weeks; it’s a top priority.

(Nick) #43

Where do I download this update? Wahoo utility?

(Aaron) #44

Hi Will. I appreciate you working on this. My gen 1 Kickr has firmware 1.5.68. There is no option to update it in the Wahoo Utilities app so I assume it is the latest.

I updated Zwift to 1.0.34049, but still no resistance, and spin down failed.

I just now forwarded log and fit files to referencing this thread.

Thanks again for your help!