KICKR drops out of ERG mode when pausing a workout.

(Jim Crumpler) #1

Unfortunately sometimes you need to pause for a moment in a workout… When this happens, my KICKR drops out of ERG mode and wont go back correctly, even if I go back into the workout “Back” button from pause.  Restart app required, and start the workout again.  No other apps talking to the KICKR, long USB cable, Zwift: 1.0.8252, Kickr firmware v1.3.32, Mac OSX 10.11.1, Garmin ANT+ (0x1009/0x0fcf) 1.0

Any workarounds, other than don’t stop?


(Michael Henasey) #2

How did you pause? I found that the workout time continues even if you stop riding.

(Jim Crumpler) #3

Pause by stop pedalling - long enough so the normal game end screen pops up - which is only a few seconds if you’re going uphill.   If you go back, it drops me back into the workout mode again, but the KICR ERG mode doesn’t work then.

(Steve C) #4

I’ve found that if you stop pedalling in a workout - so that power drops to 0w - then you get a little pop-up message on the dashboard that says something like ‘temporarily stopped ERG mode’. After that, the workout still runs, but you have to use cadence and gears to try to maintain the power. That is, until the next segment arch when ERG is restarted. 


I think this is a way to cut the power of a segment - especially high power ones - if the user can’t maintain it. In ERG mode, you’re kept at that power (near enough) so coming out of ERG mode is the only way to bail out and complete the segment at a lower output.



Note - I don’t get the pause dialog pop up though, maybe because as soon as ERG mode is stopped (there’s a little chime too), I start pedalling again.

(Ville M) #5

Happened to me aswell. 

Like 1h5m into my workout 1day of the 12week program, ERG stopped working.
I can’t remember if I paused it before it stopped working, but pausing afterwords by stopping to pedal didn’t get the erg working again.

Before I started the ride Zwift wanted me to terminate Garmin Express and I did, but it may have played a part in the sudden stop of ERG while on the workout.

"That is, until the next segment arch when ERG is restarted. "

The work out I was doing was 10 min warmup, 90 min steady, 10 cooldown. I was in the middle of my 90 min segment, so heading for the next arch is pretty far way.

(Jim Crumpler) #6

Ah!.. Thanks for that… I’ll try waiting for the next interval, assuming that isn’t too far away

(Michael Henasey) #7

if you are in the middle of a set and you “pause” during the interval portion, ERG won’t return until you start a new set. going through the “rest” portal won’t restart ERG. it seems you have to go through the main portion of the set/interval for ERG to return.

(John Scott) #8

Who pauses during an interval?










Hahaha…happened to me too. Had to fix something quick during warm up phase and when I started back up I had to manage my own power. Didn’t care too much but probably needs fixing. 

(Michael Henasey) #9

I see what you did there, Scott :wink:

(Shane Carbonneau) #10

as far as I’m concerned, the loss of a pause button when using workout mode with zwift is a deal-breaker.  if you need to pause – even for a few - seconds – to get another water bottlle, or answer the phone or whatever – smart trainer gets switched out of ERG mode.  I could not figure out how to get it back.  there is no way to switch it back on.  You can’t get the watts back up until the end of the trainer interval – which for me was like 15-20 minutes. Before trainer mode came to zwift, I used Trainer Road for interval training and took for granted the ability to pause between intervals.  I feel that Zwift could learn a lot from a few sessions (or a few more sessions) with trainer road.

(Mike Bishop ECO) #11

I have had the same issue on my Tacx.  Last night I had the issue where the system would just drop ERG at a workout transition.  I was doing the warm-up and it worked perfectly but then at the first interval it dropped ERG.  It happened twice.  After that I just used my phone to control the power to whatever the workout requested.  Not as nice but at least I got through my workout.  

(Shane Carbonneau) #12

Mike Bishop – how did you control your trainer using your phone?  do you have an app for the Tacx?  I have a similar app for my Wahoo Kickr but I’ve actually never tried to use if for a workout.

(Mike Bishop ECO) #13

I have the free app for Tacx on my iPhone 5s.  I had to go in and turn off the ‘Controlled Trainer’ in Zwift.  I still kept the Tacx as my ‘Powermeter’ in Zwift.  In the Tacx app you can control the trainer based on Power, Slope or Heart Rate.  I have never tried Heart Rate but the concept is interesting.  You just have up and down arrows that you hit.  It worked OK but I much prefer for the ERG to just work correctly.

(Chris Carney) #14

Yep, I get this too. It’s flakey on reInstating erg mode on re-starting. My ride this evening had one instance of dropping out of erg mode until the next interval and another instance of not switching to the recovery power for the rests in between intervals, losing me stars (not bothered) and only properly adjusting resistance until the warm down, so I had the last few intervals without a rest period…

(Andrew Rosen) #15

I experience the same issues as the original author of this post. Very frustrating first ride experience after dropping money…

A pause button is essential for all the reasons folks have outlined above. Back to PerfPro for now

(Zachary Neff) #16

Happened to me yesterday as well and I was pretty surprised. At least I know why now. Hopefully this can be fixed at some point.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #17

Ending ERG mode when you pause (or roll to a stop) is intentional for one main reason:

Trying to hit really high wattage in ERG mode from a stopped state is nearly impossible.

If, like me, you are out of shape and the workout kicks your behind, sometimes you pause to catch your breath and reflect on why you did this horrible thing to yourself. Then, once the stars disappear from your vision, you get back on that horse (bike) and hammer away.

Going from stopped to, say, 400 watts basically is an exercise (hah) in futility! So we turn off ERG to let you ride again. When you hold a steady cadence, it will return OR on the next interval, whichever happens first.

And now you know that I’m horrible out of shape (unless you’ve seen the video I’m in).