Kickr Core "Connected" But Not Reading Any Signals

Hey all! Year long user on a Kickr Core. I took a week off Zwift on vacation, came back today to try to get a ride in and while the Kickr, cadence, and power sensors were all “connected,” Zwift itself read 0 wattage and 0 cadence. I tried opening and closing the app, connecting through my phone (I typically connect via bluetooth on my macbook), and updating my kickr’s software. Any ideas? Is this a bug with the new update? Any advice appreciated.

Shut everything down…everything…and start up only what is needed for Zwift. With BT probably a conflict.

I’ve had this happen on AppleTV. I had to reinstall the app. When this occurred on AppleTV it didn’t impact my other devices, they could still connect without an issue. It could be a bluetooth limit. Turn BT off on your other devices and try again.

Dunno if this is relevant but because my internet is shocking, if I don’t turn off mobile data before a ride, when the internet drops out I get exact same problem / when the app uses my mobile data instead of the same network as my laptop.

Part of my start up routine is turning data off on my mobile and it works fine.