Kickr constant resistance

My first ride was fine but the last few rides I’ve done, from my laptop, have all been at a constant resistance.  I’ve tried everything I can think of.  Everything works fine when I use other peoples computers/laptops.  I’ve made sure everything pairs right, power is reporting properly, used the wahoo app to do a spin down and made sure it’s in sim setting.  What are other suggestions?

When you say your KICKR is at a constant resistance, would you describe it as low resistance, or high?

If it is low, you may consider checking your trainer difficulty setting. This is saved locally on your machine, which would explain why using a different computer fixes the issue. You can find the setting in the Settings menu, accessible from a button on the pause screen. If your trainer difficultly slider is set to off, or very low, it would explain why you aren’t feeling the course resistance.

I hope this helps!

I have played around with that slider (when it shows up).  Sadly, that doesn’t change the resistance on my kickr.