Kickr Climb owners axle play

I’ve recently purchased a wahoo kickr climb
All seems to be working fine.
I’m just a bit concerned that there’s a quite a bit of play in the axle carriage area, I have 110mm/15mm axle caps in there with mtb forks which are tightened properly, the play is definitely within the climb unit.
Is this normal ? Or should I be sending it back ?



I suppose it depends on what is “quite a bit of play”. I just checked mine and it feels pretty solid, maybe 2 millimeters of play, at most. Maybe you could take a short video clip and send it to Wahoo support. If that’s a dead end, I’d be tempted to open the unit and see what’s inside.

It’s about 2mm at the most so I’m happy with that if you’re is the same.

Thanks for the reply.