Kickr Climb in Workouts

I have send the link with advertisement to Zwift and got the following answer:

Hi Ulrich,

Thank you for all of this information.

I’m making sure all of this info is being sent to the correct team to be looked at.

Again, we do appreciate any and all feedback from our members because we do want them to have the best experience possible on our platform.

Please keep in mind though, the teams that handle this type of feedback are very thorough and will want to look at it from all points of view. So these requests are a manual process and do take time to show up or have an adjustment made. We do appreciate everyone’s continued patience and loyalty to us as we work through everything.

You’ll be receiving a survey about our conversation today. Please disregard it if you have anything further!


So I will wait what happens. At the same time I will write WAHOO because this marketing only came about with their support. 550 Euro is a much amount of money for almost nothing.


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They don’t. There’s no concept of “slope” in TR. There would be no data to send.

This is an issue that has bothered me from day one, but I do see why the climb doesn’t work in workout mode.
Obviously, any route can be used for a workout. Wattage targets will be the same regardless of terrain on Road to Sky and Tempus Fugit.
What Zwift should do is have an option on hill climbing specific workouts to use the climb regardless of terrain. That way, when a higher watt interval designed to mimic a hill starts, the climb elevates to the appropriate level, regardless of the terrain for the designated amount of time.
Another option would be to have ERG targets on the hills of any route, so someone could practice a hill at a specific wattage, or on a long hill (AdZ), sections could be done at different wattages. The Climb could then follow the terrain along with the target wattage for the duration of the hill or segment.

This would likely satisfy just about everyone.

Long-time Zwift user here, but new Kickr Bike owner. I did my first workout in Zwift on the Kickr Bike the other day and was immediately disappointed and dismayed to find out that one of the Kickr Bike’s main features (auto-incline/decline) does not work in erg mode. Imagine my surprise when I came to this forum and found this thread and discovered that this has been discussed and requested for over two years now. I have already reached out to Zwift support via e-mail, and received a suitably noncommittal and apologetic reply, and a suggestion that I come here and post a comment, since “the more attention an idea receives, the more likely it’ll get implemented in Zwift.”

I really do cringe at some of the excuses I’ve read here for why this feature doesn’t work. One snippet from above:

“I’m sorry to say that the Kickr Climb won’t automatically follow terrain elevation changes in workout mode because we don’t change resistance in workouts based on the terrain of the course.”

Are we even speaking the same language? Nobody is asking for resistance to change in workouts based on the terrain of the course. (Isn’t that just free riding?!) What is being requested is that incline changes as terrain elevation changes, even as resistance follows the prescribed workout.

I realize that this thread is over two years old, and the fact that this has not yet been implemented may be it’s own answer to whether this is a planned Zwift enhancement, but it is very disappointing nonetheless.


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Hi John,

Yep, welcome to the “club” of disgruntled Climb users. I started this thread well over 2 years ago, and still can’t believe that Zwift asks people to continue to post here to gain attention.

“the more attention an idea receives”

It’s not an idea, Zwift. It’s a basic requirement. I can imagine at least 50% of subscribers, if not more, use Zwift for training in Erg mode. What’s the point in having all these nice roads and climbs to “train” on, when the Climb doesn’t reflect the gradient change?

Are we even speaking the same language? Nobody is asking for resistance to change in workouts based on the terrain of the course. (Isn’t that just free riding?!) What is being requested is that incline changes as terrain elevation changes, even as resistance follows the prescribed workout.

Exactly — you hit the nail on the head here. All that is needed is for the Climb to raise or lower based on the gradient. Nothing affects the resistance, as one is already in Erg mode. This seems like a total duh moment to me, and can’t understand why this is not just a standard option.

And as for the fact you have purchased the new Kickr Bike (you lucky chap!!), I find it even more unacceptable that it won’t even work there…

Rant over. We can perhaps convene again in another couple of years, to continue this same thread :rofl:

Ride on! Preferably uphill, with the Climb tilted.



+1 another disgruntled user, completely baffled by Zwift’s lack of (meaningful) reaction to this…

They should put a huge disclaimer on the front of the box of the Kickr Bike and the Climb, stating that this product will not work on Zwift when performing structured workouts.


+1 for me, extremely dissatisfied.

Zwift you could hire me for a very nominal fee to implement it, as I horribly have done this professionally for 20+ years.

A hacky work around for non swift developers with free time… Phone app that uses open source OCR code and open source ant code. Punch in your trainer ant Id, have it clipped up close to the screen so the camera can see the grade display in swift on your computer monitor, ocr that into a number, tell the trainer that is what the grade is? :upside_down_face:
Never going to be that simple but maybe?


That’s insanely hacky hahaha; let’s keep this thread alive :smiley:

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I can’t understand why Zwift, Wahoo have never cooperated to fix this. Kickr climb should work at ‘Workout’ too.


Even hackier, app uses OCR to get the number, then uses a couple of ‘switchbots’ to physically press the up and down arrows on the climb. :rofl:

Two and a half years since I posted this topic. Countless course updates. Numerous hardware updates, new trainer releases. Thousands of subscriptions per month. And yet, here we still are…

Wahoo? Zwift? Are either of you committed (or even, bothered) to resolve this?