Kickr Climb in Workouts

I think Sufferfest is doing this already. The Climb will react to gradient changes even during workouts. So if they are doing it, I guess Zwift can as well.


That this still hasn’t been resolved is pretty pathetic. Deciding between zwift and suffererst and it’s pretty clear to me that I’ll go to the provider that is more thoughtful about how things work and work efficiently. Bye Zwift.


FulGaz is doing that as well, Climb works perfectly on FulGaz workouts in ERG mode. I prefer Zwift and don’t want to leave, so c’m Zwift you can do it too.


I’v just gotten my Climb and was trying to workout why it wasn’t changing in ERG mode. This is a disappointment for sure. Being that Sufferfest (and others?) already support this… Why is this such a long standing issue?.. Please ad this support. This was one of the biggest reasons for getting the Climb was to have it adjust in Zwift during my long workouts.

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Completely agree. One of the worst aspects of Zwift workouts is that they don’t allow us to use automated climb signals.

+1 on this as well from me. I bought a 2020 Wahoo Kicker Trainer and A Wahoo Kicker Climb just over a week ago. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why the climb was NOT working while in a workout (and it actually took me some time to finally figure out that it did work when generally riding or racing, but it was only in a structured workout that is where it stopped working).

It wasn’t until I found this Reddit thread that asked the same question that I finally had an answer and didn’t feel insane anymore ( They were asking all the same questions we all are here, and they wrote to both Wahoo and Zwift. In the end, this is NOT Wahoo’s fault, it’s Zwift’s fault (as many have stated before). Here is the response that customer service for Zwift returned to the Redit user:

"Now in workout ride (rides that have target wattages) Zwift sends specific resistance information to the KICKR based on your Target Wattage and your current Cadence.

Since Zwift doesn’t send information about the terrain in a Workout, the KICKR has no grade change to give the CLIMB. Which is why in workouts your CLIMB doesn’t funtion."

So, regardless of ERG mode being on or off there, currently is NO grade info that is sent (PERIOD). My whole reason for signing up for Zwift, as well as getting the Wahoo Kicker Trainer and A Wahoo Kicker Climb was so that I could do structured workouts ALL THE TIME, and so that all the gradient changes would make for a more engaging, entertaining, and distracting situation during my workout. The fact that it currently does NOT work, is a real bummer.

I also wrote to Zwift customer service and they said they had “…passed it on to the dev team…” But, the also “…encourage [me] to share [my] thoughts on the Zwift Forums…”, so here I am.

It’s actually a bit disappointing to see that this original post is from nearly 2 years ago when Steve posted about it. I hope this happens sooner rather than later. It seems that it has been a LONG time coming.



Adding another vote for this option! :ride_on:

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Hi John,

Hi Steve. Just trying to keep this thread going as you started it almost 2 years ago and they still haven’t fixed it. I emailed Customer Service at Zwift and they told me to make noise on the forums so here I am. Hopefully it gets some attention.

This is actually NOT an issue for Wahoo to solve it is an issue for Zwift to solve. As Zwift’s Customer Service has confirmed, when in workout mode, when specific “target wattage” is specified, they do NOT send incline data. All they need to do is to change this and to send “incline date” so that the Wahoo KICKR CLIMB can work, even in a workout.


Please add this feature. All you have to do is send the same gradient info to the trainer as in free ride mode. There is probably a commented-out line of code somewhere that does this. Maybe it’s a matter of a single stroke of the backspace key?

Anyway, this is a must-have. All the good reasons are listed above. For me, missing this really diminishes the value of Zwift.

How does Trainer Road do it?

I’d love to see this implemented as well.

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