Hi riders. I used the KICKR for years and now have the Bike. It’s awesome but I’m having an issue with speed and I was wondering if someone could opine. Thanks:

I read no spin down is needed = and I’m no pro here, but take a baseline case - if I did 20 miles in 60min outside it’s typically avg ~ 18.2-18.8 over say 1000 ft to be simple. Prob 180, max avg watts (sorry!) - but when I put out the same effort on Watopia, 50 minutes only and 700ft, I only covered 11 miles, or ~14.4 mph. I hit support up but I’m prob missing some settings as it’s so complex for a new guy, or I am 4.5 mph SLOWER inside, lol! Ride well.

Welcome to the forums Eric! Do you happen to have a power meter for outdoor riding? Also, what bike do you use when you are riding on Zwift? If you are on a mountain bike, this could be the issue. Could you provide some links to previous Zwift activities to help us community members help you?

When I first began using my Kickr bike I was putting out higher watts for the mileage. Honestly, it just felt too hard; much harder than I’d expect compared to road cycling. I found out there was an issue with my braking system. My brakes were partially activated. Wahoo sent me a new handlebar with brakes. I unplugged the existing bar and plugged in the new one. Problem solved.

What route were you on? The jungle is slow compared to other routes. Should be quicker than your example though.