Kickr Bike Experience - it broke

Update on the creaking sounds. After greasing the rear support leg inserts, the creaking returned a couple of rides later. Then I discovered Wahoo’s “Kickr Bike Maintenance Guide” doc online and did two of its suggested steps: check crank tightness and grease lower frame rails. That (one or both of those actions) has done the trick! The Bike is now smooth and (relatively) silent again. Surprised at how much more pleasant it is to ride now.

My first kickr bike just died on me this morning. Power block going from solid green to faint flashing. Happened at the start of a zwift erg session, pedals tightened up and came to a halt and the display screen went blank. Not impressed for something that is two months old and around 70 hours on the clock.
It’s a fantastic piece of kit but I’m not sure I even want another one after reading through this thread. Might save myself future disappointment and get a refund.

I had the faint green light on the power block problem once. It happened when I’d left it switched on overnight. The next day, after being off for 24 hours, it was OK again and has been ever since. I now turn off the power at the end of every ride. Maybe the block overheats?

Wahoo support recently confirmed that I should unplug the Bike in between rides and seemed to indicate this might be due to potential Bluetooth issues. The Bike manual in fact says to keep it unplugged when not in use.

I’m 60 hours after it stopped and still it will not turn on. Support have been great in fairness and ice decided to pay the deposit and get another one. The support said that it can happen if the bike is stored below 15°C which I didn’t think would be an issue. I had it in a cooler room to the side of my house and it was ideal for training. Not sure how it would work in a garage… especially here in Ireland! Cold and condensation likely culprit but does pose a question over the quality of the bikes electronics.

Evening All.

Very interesting and helpful thread, thanks everyone. Kickr Bike owner since April 2020 and it has been a brilliant error free piece of kit. However I went to use it yesterday and I appear to have the same power issue that some have referenced in here.

When I power the bike on the power pack green light blinks. But I also have a flashing LED “panel” where the gear and climb lock LEDs are, up front. The default 1-3 gears blink on and off when powered on. The other symptom is there is a gentle “clunk” noise coming from around the flywheel that is fully in sync with the electrical power pack green light pulsing.

Having seen the comment about trying it again 24hrs later and it working I tried again just now and got excited. The 1-3 gear LEDs came on and stayed on for a couple of secs. Then it showed either “er5” or “err5” and then went back to blinking on and off again. I assume that is an error code but Google isn’t helping me find out what it is.

Wondering if anyone else has had similar symptoms? Raised a ticket with Wahoo last night with videos included so will see what they respond with (hopefully the reply won’t take too long).

Had a Kickr gen 2 and then a Kickr Core for years with zero issues. This thread makes me feel like I got lucky to have 9 months of brilliant riding with the Kickr Bike!


Hi all,

I’ve the exact same problem with my kickr bike since Christmas, the power block is blinking and de bike is “dead”. My bike is stored inside in a sleeping room at 19 degrees so should all be fine.

Is there any indication which part of the main board cause this problems? If it’s a faulty component in the end all bikes have maybe this issue soon or later.

Kind regards,


Same issue as lots of others - green blinking light on power block - completely dead bike. My kickr bike is 17 days old, stored indoors at 65F, unplugged after every use. Worked great for 17 days. Went to ride today, paired up to Zwift, one pedal stroke and boom, dead. I am thinking I should just return it rather than deal with a warranty claim. Let’s see how Wahoo does with customer service - my first piece of Wahoo equipment and not impressed.

Had a test ride on one this week and still trying to decide. These issues really are putting me off. Sure I know there will be others without trouble but having to send the bike back is a real pain! Power supply or related problems just shouldn’t be an issue on a 3k bike :frowning:

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As mentioned in one of my last pots, my bike died after about 1month of usage (700km). Wahoo support was great - that must be acknowledged. Only two days after my request they sent me two transport boxes. Online you can find a step by step “dissasemble and pack-for-return” guide showing you picture for picture what to do. Pick up of the bike happened about 5-7 business days later.

Now I am waiting for my replacement bike. Shipping started immediately after the old bike was in transit. The support told me, that the complaint rate for the KickrBike is inconspicuous - not lower or higher they expected it to be. I asked whether it would make sense to wait for a next gen version to avoid the well known issues. They replied that the whole bike is in a continious development circle - so there is no V2 or something else available during the next time. As soon as they identify a fixable problem they solve it “on the fly” and handout the “updated” parts. I really hope for a bug free number two and keep you updated…

As a follow up to my blinking green light issue, I wanted to say that Wahoo was very good in the customer service department. After navigating around the two options for replacement (one where I pay another $1500 to get a bike shipped ASAP, and one where they wait to get mine back first), I was able to get a full refund with return shipping charges paid. I was a little nervous about this as their website doesn’t describe the case of having a defective bike in the first 30 days in their policy (only describing the cases of wanting to return a working bike, where you have to pay them shipping on both ends plus a $250 restock fee, about $650 all in I imagine, or the case of a warranty claim on a defective bike). I went for the refund as I was very nervous this same thing will happen again. I was not given any explanation of what caused the issue or any idea how much the repair would cost if I had needed to pay on my own. My warranty period was due to expire on the one year anniversary of my original delivery - it did not re-up with each replacement received, and this was also a factor in my decision.

The Wahoo agent that handled the ticket was super responsive and polite, and also a Kickr Bike rider himself, and tried to reassure me I was in the minority, but he did ultimately accept my decision to refund it.

I think I will buy either something else in the category (Stages SB20 or Tacx Neo Bike, though I think the Neo is currently backordered until I will be too old to ride a bike), or wait a year or two and buy this one again. I sure was fun while it lasted, but what a feeling of dread when it died. I’d like them to work out the technical kinks a little more before I plunk down the cash again.

Scott, You might want to check out reviews of “something else in the category”, including level of customer support. People who had problem with Wahoo gear generally say that their customer service is excellent and Wahoo takes care of them. Considering how many units they sell, the number of failures as far as one can judge by the reports on forums is not high. BTW, REI has 90 day free return policy on this type of equipment if the bike is returned to he store. Which is the reason why I got mine from REI, but so far (6 months and counting) it has been working great.

I had an issue with Wahoo Headwind, it got replaced under warranty, they cross-shipped a new one and the experience with this exchange was super smooth.

Ian, there are plenty of very happy owners of Kickr Bike. A few issues reported by owners, which Wahoo promptly takes care of under warranty, should not put you off.

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I have a new Kickr bike with a slightly different shifting issue. Once I begin to pedal, whether or not the bike is paired to an app like Zwift, the shifters freeze in the gear I am in, i.e. I can no longer shift. Support has been slow. They suggested a cable issue and asked for pictures of the male shifter cable ends and the female ports, which I gave them. Still waiting for a reply.

Hello everyone,
my replacement bike arrived yesterday. All in all it took about almost four weeks between opening the Wahoo support issue (“bike is dead”) until sitting on the new bike.
First impressions:

  • driving belt sound is quieter in general
  • handlebar still not detectable perfectly --> just trying to narrow the clamp by unmounting the handlebar and extremely tighten the quick release
  • until know (keeping fingers crossed!) issues regarding the shifters.

Everything else seems fine at the moment.

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Ordered mine on Monday. I was on the fence but wahoo’s support is pretty good. I know it’s 4 weeks but I guess COVID will be having a part in that. Fingers crossed for you!

Hi did you get your shifter issues sorted ? I’ve exact same issue have the kickr bike since just before Christmas and have had constants shifter issues. They will work for a short while and then just die and no gears will work. Then the left one will work and right one won’t work. We log out of Zwift - unplug the bike - plug it back on again and log back into Zwift and pair it all up again and this does often work for another while. So not sure if it’s actually a shifter or Bluetooth issue ?? It’s so annoying am awaiting a replacement bike. As a friend loaned me his handle bars which again worked for a shorts while and then would only operate when we were logged into Zwift ?

Hi there Muriel, that is exactly how mine started. The shifters would drop out after about 30 mins on Zwift and then be ok again if I left the bike overnight.

Annoyingly, Wahoo made me jump through many hoops before admitting there was a problem. They made me take it apart and clean it and take loads of photos. Then they wanted a video of the problem, but it had to be 30s long and under 5MB which was a real pain. All the time they know this is a common problem.

Then they made me send them £1,000.00 so they would send out a replacement ‘immediately’. The replacement took 3 weeks. They had had my defective bike back for a week by the time the replacement came. They have still not refunded my £1,000.00. I had all the unboxing again and all the rubbish that comes with it. I had no bike for 3 weeks and I’m still out £1000.00 plus all the time to break down one bike and then rebuild the new one and wait around for couriers.

I’ve asked how they plan to compensate me for all the hassle, they charge a premium price for a premium product. They just ignore my emails.

Quite frankly I’m disgusted by how I have been treated for what they know is a common problem. If I could get my money back and buy a Wattbike I would!

My advice would be to send it back to who you bought it from, not direct to the supplier, ask for your money back and buy something else.

Wahoo are inconsiderate asssholes.

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I took their headset stem tube out, and kept tightening the clamp, and releaseing it, and tightening it. Then I used fiber grip, and the problem is gone. I also swabbed out the immense amount of grease in both the seatube, and head tube. They must get paid by the ounce?

My seat post has never really slipped as much as the head tube. I went from 3 to 0 on a ride three times in less than a handful of minutes. But I was able to ‘fix’ it. Didn’t need any new parts. Maybe this method will help others.

My bike started creaking and squeaking almost from day one. There was also a pronounced knocking occasionally. Wahoo support suggested silicone spray on the bottom of the mechanism, and it did appear to stop the knocking, for a ride or two, but the creaking/squeaking kept up. Those noises seem to get worse as the bike warms up.

So, Friday, I am riding, and can’t get the right shifter to work. Bugger! And I’m in 3rd ‘gear’. I tried unplugging, swapping ports, nothing. Well, at least I have the left shifter. It stopped working Saturday as I tried to do TdZ 3 long ride. Yeah, no. I’m not doing that climb in 3rd ‘gear’… After the silicone spray, their support appeared to be ready to brush me off. The creaking/squeaking is back with a vengeance. The wife hates the thing, and admitted to going out ‘shopping’ when I was riding. I call the LBS and let them know what’s going on, ask to return it, or if they can get Wahoo to be more attentive. (Now they won’t return my calls) I got the ‘send us a $1,500 deposit’ after playing the LBS card, and haven’t heard anything back yet.

The bike has been an experience. It is a great idea. It’s execution is a little off, but coming from Vietnam, I guess what should we expect.

The electronics seem to be a sore spot, and the shifters are rather poorly designed for the purpose. I was shocked to see the insides when I swapped bars. The covers are literally just that, covers over bare switches and circuitry. I was somewhat surprised.

I think the Kickr Bike has a great future ahead of itself, if they can deal with the many electrical issues popping up. It would seem that the dimming light failure is due to insufficient filtering and circuit protection. That could be the issue with the shifters too. Someone needs to add some more capacitors to the main board. Having been involved in products released for sale, nothing tests a product better than shipping it.

I’m not sorry I bought it. I’m disappointed in the issues I’ve experienced. I feel sorry for their support people, having to deal with supporting what has to be an under-designed complex product. My wife keeps saying ‘for that amount of money, you’d expect it to be a better product’. Can’t argue with that I guess…

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