Kickr Bike Downhill Drive Issue?

Hello, I recently moved from a tacx neo to a kickr bike but i think theres an issue with the downhill drive on the kickr bike… want to know if im going mad or not!

Basically when im on flat or downhill and stop pedalling, the bike’s flywheel carries on driving BUT still reports 15w/72rpm even though im doing nothing. Is this normal for the kickr bike? Ive got trainer difficulty at 100% and im just talking normal sim riding not erg mode etc. It only drops power/cadence to zero if im going uphill (but then the flywheel stops anyway). The only other way i can get power/cadence to zero is to stop the flywheel with the brakes which really defeats the point of the downhill sim!

The neo was perfect for this, but didnt know if i should expect the same from the kickr bike.


Yeah - mine does the same. As such, you can’t get into aero tuck to save energy on a downhill and have to maintain watts to keep up

Interesting. You can do it but you hve to use the brakes to stop the flywheel completely… meaning downhill drive is useless!

I’m not having this issue on my KICKR bike - stop pedaling and watts go to zero and super tuck works fine. I wouldn’t think this is connected to this issue but make sure your weight is accurate in the KICKR Bike settings (make sure it’s consistent with the weight you have set in zwift)? I don’t know - just spitballin.

Interesting, thanks. Weights are the same so its’ not that. I even tried changing the weight up and down and it made no differece. Will see what Wahoo says. Im mostly nervous its been adding 15w for the couple of weeks ive had the bike… I thought i was going a little better but if it turns out i’ve had ‘assistance’ then it actually means ive been getting slower!

ps what firmware version is your bike on? Im on 1.16.0 which im pretty sure is the latest one

Latest firmware for me - regularly check via the app

I’m on v1.16.00 and I just tried again this morning and the super tuck DID work. I’m using Bluetooth to connect the bike and I’m using PC if that helps at all.

Thanks. Super tuck does work for me too… I just have to pull the brake lever to stop the flywheel to achieve it.

I’ve been in touch with Wahoo support in the last couple of weeks, and demonstrated with them it’s not just a Zwift issue, it’s an issue also when using their app in sim mode and that it’s directly related to the grade (i.e. doesn’t happen going uphill).

ERG mode is also a bit crap in some scenarios (mainly transition from sprint effort to lower power recovery) where it just wont hook back up to the correct power and I pretty much have to do an off/on of ERG mode. So definitely some issues with my bike, hopefully they can identify it as a software issue…

This issue happened with the Neo 2T before a firmware upgrade sorted it.