Kickr Bike brake

I found out that the brake of my kickr bike is not working. I do not exactly know since when because I usually do not use them (who brakes has lost … :grinning :slight_smile:
I have the latest FW from kickrbike V1 FW 1.27.0 and the latest version of zwift 1.43

Who has the same problem ? I know at least one more …

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What do you mean with “not working”? The Kickr Bike brake is meant to slow down the flywheel of the bike. In the end this will result in slower ingame riding, but it is not the same as braking ingame like with Zwift Play controller (it directly effects the avatar, braking lights will light up).

If your Kickr Bike brakes do not slow down/stop the flywheel, something is wrong.


Hi Tom,
I checked. The brakes slow down the flywheel but not the avatar … Something is wrong … But when the flywheel brakes it is zwift which is not working correctly … i guess …


The brake on the Kickr Bike will not slow your avatar down in game. Currently, the Zwift:Play controllers are the only device that will give the functionality to brake [your avatar] in game.

As far as I’m aware, there has not been any mention yet of a firmware update that will allow the Kickr Bike Brake levers to act as a brake for your avatar in Zwift. :+1:

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What Jon said. Actually, if you brake your Kickr bike but pedal against it, your Avatar would even go faster ingame, because you would produce more power against the resistance and the power output is the only metric Zwift uses from your Kickr bike to calculate the Avatar’s speed. The only reason that your avatar stops eventually after braking your Kickr bike is that you usually stop pedaling when braking which reduces your power output. If you are on a flat route or an incline your avatar will slow down soon, but if you are on a decline you might just keep going downhill. That is not like “real” braking ingame.

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