Kickr 2018 and hard slopes (>15%)

yesterday evening I’ve rode the Giro ITT Event and damn it’s very hard that climb!

But I’ve got some troubles with my set up…
I’m on AppleTV 4k, Kickr 2018 + Kickr Climb. (HRM and cadence are connected via Companion App): Everything is on the latest software/firmware version.

After some seconds I was on the stepest section (The 16% gradient after the tunnel at ~7km) while pedaling at 50/60 rpm with a wattage of ~300W suddenly the trainer reduced the resistance to zero, Watts dropped untill the " — " symbol appeared on screen. The trainer seemed to be disconnected from zwift. So after some bad words I’ve connected back the trainer also via Companion app and I’ve finished the climb with a dumb trainer (no resistance) but at least it was reading the power.

This morning I was optimistic and I’ve tried again… before I was power cycling the Apple TV and also running a calibration of the trainer via the Wahoo Fitness App. But again, same section of the climb at 16% gradient and same behavior from the trainer. So I was frustrated enough and I’ve stopped the ride since I was not willing to test how fast I can pair again the trainer to zwift but how fast I could ride the climb…

I thought that this could be a limitation of the resistance that the trainer can apply… but this can not be the case right? The Kickr climb can generate up to 1200W if I’m not wrong… And due to my oldstyle gearing setup (39x28) I’m not able to spin so fast on those gradients but also this should not be a problem right?

So question is … do you have ever experienced such an issue? Is my Kickr having some issues?

Now that I remember I’ve got a similar problem once I’ve rode up to the antenna hill in watopia and also there gradients are >15%

If this could help for giving me some support/advices here are the two rides stored on Strava:

Thanks for your support.
Ride On!!!

Ah… short addition…
Trainer difficulty is set to 100% but this also should not be a problem since the kickr should handle slopes of 20% if I’m not mistaken…