Kicker Connectivity Indicator

(Todd Baker) #1

Please put a Red/Yellow/Green icon somewhere on the screen that indicates how well the Kickr or other critical sensors are connected to the PC.

Green is ant+ drops or failures to communicate with kickr/power/cadence/speed sensors are less that xxxx
yellow if greater than xxxx but less than yyyyy
red if greater than yyyyy
(or something like that…I think you get the point)

This will help A LOT! previous product I did this helped tremendously to avoid/accelerate the conversation of sw bug vs sensor connectivity issue.

“So sir, when you have this issue. What color is the little light in the upper left hand corner? Oh…it is flashing red. If you would RTFM then you would realize (deeeep breathhhhh)…I mean…That is less than optimal. We should check out your ant+ connectivity. There appears to be an issue”

(Jon Mayfield) #2

I agree, and I hope we can get that into Zwift sooner rather than later.