Kettler USB to BLE Bridge

Great !!

I can find any info about the DX1.
Seems controlable.
Have you tried the Training mode in Zwift ?


yes in general DX1 could be controlled, years ago I was using a tool from Kettler Serial.
Yes I tried training mode in several apps but the Watt on the Bike are never changed by the app.

Any idea where I could check, is there a debug mode I could turn on? The app recognize the control function of the BLE adapte. In xert for example the value for Source and Control are always the same (the value entered directly on the bike)

Hello thank you very much for your work :slight_smile:

Is it possible to run your solution on a normal raspberry pi model 3?
I tried to do it the same way, you described it for the zero and actually i can finde the KettlerBLE.

Zwift is able to connect with the PI but no data are available - means my kettler ergoracer1 does not send anything to the raspberry pi. Or is just the raspberrypi not able to read it?

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