Kenetic InRide 3 issues solved

I recently attempted to perform a calibration of my Kenetic InRide 3 power sensor but the app would not detect sensor.
I use android.
I checked Kenetics support pages and I saw there were a lot of people complaining of the same issue with the Android platform.
IPhone seems fine.

I uninstalled the program and deleted the data and storage when prompted to do so.
I re installed the program and everything worked as expected.

I also tried using the InRide sensor as a classic trainer.
In that case, the roller on the trainer is the “wheel” and when I started to pedal, it put my speed at 101 mph!

Good luck.
Hope this helps if your having problems.

Strangely, in the beginning I had some issues with the same power sensor.
But now, I’m just enabling one device (cell. phone), pedaling for 1 mins and then connecting the sensor inside Kinetic app on Android, then 10 mins wormup and calibration.
No issues.