Kenetic Inride 3 calibration

Can anyone explain what is really happening when you perform a calibration with the Inride 3?
I don’t mean how to perform a calibration but does the info from performing a calibration correct the power readings for programs other than the software that was used to perform the calibration.

Here’s the scenero.
I perform a calibration using the Kenetic program.
Does that correct factor get saved to the power unit itself or is it just used to correct the power readings shown using the kenetic program.
Most importantly, are the power readings seen in Zwift also corrected?

I hope Shane Miller sees this post.
He had a great video showing how accurate the Inride sensor was compared to his Power meter.
I think that was comparing the Kenetic program to his power meter.
I would be interested in knowing if the power within Zwift was also equally accurate.

Does Zwift need a calibration screen within the game?