Keiser M3i

Welcome Josh and Ride On with Zwift. You can use only the iPad to ride your Keiser on Zwift with the converter. I use an iPad to drive the main program using Bluetooth. I also use my iPhone to use the Zwift Companion app as well, as they allow you two different looks and allow you to communicate a bit more freely during the ride. Some lessons learned.

IPad with Zwift program loaded should be the only device in Bluetooth mode anywhere near at beginning of your ride. To remove interference, my iPhone has Bluetooth disabled, also in airplane mode and on the same wifi signal as the iPad.

If using a heart rate monitor as well, allow it to connect with Keiser bike first before you open the Zwift program on iPad.

Once you open the Zwift program you will have Power, Cadence and HR all connected; make sure your converter is updated using the Keiser Converter DSU app. This will help battery life which is not overly good so make sure to order spare batteries a head of time.

Until you get things worked out, you can have signal dropouts which can be frustrating. HR monitors will intermittently lose signal but not for long and does not impact the ride.

Get a fan, some music in the room and enjoy.

Hi m3i friends, I just got my M series converter, and thanks to this forum post I have updated it with the ios updater app.

I’m having a pretty major issue, or maybe I’m just a super noob to riding and don’t know what I’m doing. Ill get the most basic of rides started, and I’ve noticed that my zwift rider is barely moving. I can see my cadence / wattage is accurate on my iphone, and matches the on board m3i readout. But I can literally go a full mile on my m3i, and zwift will report that I’ve gone .1 miles, maybe .2 if I’m lucky. Ive been doing warmups on gear 10~12, and my RPMs are about 100, which is definitely a workout for my noob rider legs, but the fact that zwift says I’m moving and the m3i says I’m cookin’ is concerning.

Have any of y’all had that issue? I recently took pics of it too, a screenshot from my iphone (which is the primary device, i don’t have it paired to a computer too).

Thanks in advance!

edit: Ive called keiser and they told me that my wattage is correct. For reference 115 RPM at gear 9 gives me 100 watts. Does that sound correct?

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Hello Michael. I have not had this issue. Do you have any other competing Bluetooth signals in the area? The wattage at 9-105 RPM sounds correct.

Curious and verifying whether your test rides are starting on a steep hill? That will limit the speed and distance travelled. If the cadence and watts on the iPhone and m3i are the same, all should be good.

Not sure.

Thats a bummer. Its entirely possible i set things up wrong, it did not appear as if I was doing a hilly ride.

Thanks for the reply. Im going to try another app this weekend to see if it has the same results. I suspect its a user error :slight_smile:

My M3i is in transit!
So excited, but I’m a little bit worried about all these connection issues. that’s too bad for such an amazing piece of hardware.

I was having endless drop out issues with Keiser’s converter and returned it but started digging into why. It seems that certain versions of the m3i’s converter only sends out data every few seconds. Zwift expects updates more often and reliably and unfortunately the converter doesn’t help by at least sending out the last known state every second. So I decided to build my own converter with a Raspberry Pi and a second Bluetooth USB dongle. I have the solution up and running and am looking for some beta testers to help me find bugs. Please contact me if your interested. Preferably you already have a Raspberry Pi 3+ and a USB based Bluetooth adapter. If not I can send you links on Amazon to what to get. The hardware is ~ $35 if you don’t already have it.

Only looking for a few people at this point. It works great and no more battery or $99 sent to Kaiser. Just plug in the Raspberry Pi into a wall jack in your exercise room.

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Michael, omg this is fantastic!
So cool what you did here.
My first reaction is, did you contact Keiser?
They need to fix their unit like this.

Ok. I have a pie 3 (original). And a BT usb.
I’m also a geek coder (c#), if that helps.
I was saddened to learn of all the drop out issues, and other problems with the Keiser BT.

I’d love to beta test this!
Bike ordered. Did not get confirmation email yet.

How’s the issue now? Resolved? Thx!

I received my M3i about a month ago along with the converter. I updated the converter immediately after receiving and use an iPad for Zwift and connection to the M3i. Aside from having the Keiser think I stopped pedaling (which was fixed by removing the glob of grease on the bike connection down by the pedals), the connection and experience with zwift has been rock solid. My startup routine is to start pedaling and then start zwift. I have now done 8 races with 0 dropouts and 281 miles without any issues except for the one mentioned above.

Gary I’d like to be a beta tester!!

Hi Gary, I would be quite keen to test out your solution :slight_smile: My current set up with the m3i is Garmin Vector 3 power pedals which consistently read higher than the Keiser by about 20 or so watts (linear), although the cadence is the same. HR is using a Polar BT strap.
Not sure how people connect with you (private messaging perhaps).

Hi Jim. I’ve written up instructions on getting it all setup on my GitHub project. Unfortunately I cant post links here but if you go to GitHub’s web site and search for hypermoose/Keiser2Zwift you should be able to find it. Please let me know if something isn’t working or its unclear somewhere.

Hi Julia, see this post

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Found it, thanks heaps. Will report back on my progress.

Thanks a lot Gary!

Thanks SO much Gary!
Just curious though, have you updated the converter and continue to have this problem (that your project fixes)?

Thanks again.

I just had a super frustrating experience, which I finally just resolved, so I thought I would post it here just in case it helps anybody else.

I was using Zwift with my Android phone, but quickly realized that it was a subpar experience. I had been looking for an excuse to get a new tablet, so I didn’t have to twist my own arm much to order a new iPad. It arrived today, and I immediately went to try it out. Well, for the life of me, I could not get the damn thing to connect to the iPad. I tried everything (I thought) and was going out of my mind with frustration.

Finally, I thought that the converter, being the simple device that it is, just couldn’t let go of its old friend Android. So, I took out the battery (again) for a few minutes, confirmed that every device in the house with bluetooth was turned off, re-updated the firmware using the iPad (not the Android), and the converter finally connected to the iPad. Hallelujah!

Hey Gary we got as far as NPM start and hit a snag. We tried a couple of things by searching online but none of them worked. I am using a raspberry pi 2, which was kicking around. But surely that would not make a difference.
Appreciate your help if you have any suggestions.
NB edited to correct where we found a problem :slightly_smiling_face: