Keiser M3i Bluetooth Converter battery issues

Anyone using the Keiser Bluetooth converter also noticing that the battery in the converter needs to be changed every 2-3 weeks? Irritating. Especially in the middle of a race or group ride.

Glad to see someone else is having the same issue! I can’t figure it out myself and I’m hoping there’s an answer out there. I’m looking into getting an Ant+ dongle to bypass the converter all together but would much rather use Bluetooth.

My converter will decouple from Zwift running on my iPad and then recouple at odd times. I’ve updated the firmware and also removed the battery for 30-60 seconds but it keeps happening, what should I do?

Is this because the battery is running low?

I have the converter and it disconnects if I try to use more than one Bluetooth device with whatever is connected to the bike. For example, if connect the converter plus wireless earbuds to my iPad it will do what you are describing. As long as I connect nothing else it works perfectly. I thought it was faulty and / or the battery and called Keiser to troubleshoot. Hope this helps. I have never changed the battery and I have had it for over 2 months using almost every day. Make sure you also update the firmware on the converter using the converter update app.