Keeping my form

So I will be away from my bike for 3 weeks but I want to keep my form. I am going to australia so if swimming is helpful what should I do? Also, what would I be able to do to keep my form. I will only have 1 day where I can ride. 

How old are you?

How would you describe your current cycling form?

1.) I am 14 years old.

FTP: 205
FTP/kg: 5.7
Weight: 37kg
Max power: 613 watts
I think in general I am a not so explosive climber. My form is at a good place for me.

I wouldn’t be too concerned CW AFE, at 14 yrs old you’re not going to lose anything that can’t be regained in a couple of weeks.

Try and maintain a cycle session of any type a couple of times each week. Even as you have mentioned, once a week will ‘hold’ decent form until you get back to normal training.

Stay active and enjoy your trip!  :slight_smile: