Keep Together teleported me forward

I just rode a group ride on the route “Bigger Loop”, with Keep Together setting enabled.
My ride partner (A) ended up leaving before me, so I rode along hoping to catch him along with other ride partner (B), at which point the tether would enable and we would be linked.

About halfway up the Epic KOM I zipped forward suddenly to A, but B was left behind. This meant my course was cut short by about 4km and a fair bit of climb, and of course meant I didn’t get the route badge when I finished, which was a shame after 1h40m of riding. I didn’t get the option for whether or not to skip forward to him. Any idea why this happened?

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Hi @Daniel_Fisher_HotChi, welcome to the forums. I can’t think of an explanation why this happened, looks like a glitch or bug. Usually you will get a speed boost to catch up to the others in the meetup, not teleport to them. Maybe, and this is just speculation, you were teleported to the person in front at a point where the road does a sort of horseshoe around the mountain, and the most direct path was a straight line, rather than going around the long way?

Thanks for the reply! Very much felt more like a teleport, caught up a 4km gap in about 1 second.

No real horseshoe, the GPS trace has a straight line over impassable terrain for that point.

The fact I didn’t get the route badge also implies to me that it wasn’t a normal speed boost.