"Keep Together" broken in Meetups [v 1.0.50775]

I’m sure it’s not a surprise, but just filing another vote for PLEASE FIX THIS. Riding alone is just so boring and reduces motivation to get started at all, since I know I won’t be “seeing” my friends.

coming on board here to keep this thread going. the issue persists. was a very frustrated group ride last weekend.


Another workout meetup scheduled for tomorrow, sadly enough I already have a feeling we wont be riding together like we have planned. An update on the situation would be nice, a zwift update would be even better. I had my other workout on Friday and I could not stay near my friends. I was pedaling less wattage then recommended at 90% intensity and still was not able to slow down enough to get closer to them. I ended up stopping my workout and continued riding the remaining time just to be able to stick near them. I was not amused.

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Any update on this? ? This is a big deal to folks as it is an issue in group workouts AND meet ups. I am losing participation in my activities due to this bug.

Nothing new to report since 3 days ago.

When there’s news to report, I will update this thread.

Same issue here with the meetup with workout uploaded. Apparently everyone is together but when the meetup starts some stay together and some stay behind or even kilometers in front.

Hi, Can you not give an estimate of when likely to be fixed. To be honest I don’t understand the lack of communication.


Any further news today please?

It’s called “under promise, over deliver”, pretty common practice. If Zwift says it will be fixed in a week, and then it takes 2 weeks they just shot themselves in the foot and made everyone more upset. It is better, from a business perspective, to be vague and not give a specific timeline so you dont risk missing the promised deadline.


For those who are doing group workouts and feeling the dizzying (not to mention, annoying) effects of watching your avatar weave all over the place, I’d suggest switching your camera view to 7. This will allow you to watch the screen (interval countdown timer, upcoming intervals, etc.) without seeing your avatar swerving on the road. It’s what I do now, and it definitely helps keep my focus up while keeping my frustration level down.

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I don’t see the relevance this has to the ‘Keep Together’ function?

Colin, I was replying to several comments I’d read on this thread that mentioned that in group workouts, not only is the rubber band broken, but (perhaps as a result of the broken band?) riders are swerving all over the place. Thought I’d try to help out those who are feeling the secondary effects of the broken band during group workouts.


Another me-too to add weight to the pressure to fix this as soon as possible. The keep-together function was essential for our club meetups. We included ages from 9 to 70 and abilities from beginner to hardened racer in order to maintain the club social connections during lockdown. Without keep-together there’s no point in running the twice weekly meetups. We tried one and it was chaotic and demotivating.

We’ve cancelled club activities on Zwift and we’re looking for other ways to meet the club’s social cycling needs. We have over 100 club members who were active on Zwift.


Sure thing Sophie, fair point to make. I would just rather get notified about updates related to the specific issue as it seems this post is about as official a channel as exists right now given Shuji, the Community Forum Manager, has stated he will post when there is further news to report.

Incidentally, I think the swerving issue was around before the bug, as in I was in a keep together meet-up where the rubber band was functioning and riders were swerving randomly left right left etc. But who knows could easily be related.

Same issue here - thought it was just related to Alpe/Road to Sky as that’s all I’ve been setting meets on but glad it’s not just me!

Any updates? … could it be fixed for the weekend?

Having the lack of or spastic banding is hurting the social aspect of the meet-up. I invite Zwift newbies to the rides to meet stronger riders. We may not be the best or the strongest riders in the world but every rider is important. These rides make them feel special and like a real rider not a groupie or poser. It does encourage them to ride more.
Yes, I will keep posting inquires to remind you how important these rides are not only to the A level but even more important to the D levels or less or rehabbing. Some get too discourage to ride without the banding. They keep asking me like the child in the back seat - is it fixed yet??, is it fixed yet?? Yes they will get stronger but let’s help out those thousands of riders that want the encouragement of the banding.

I had been introducing the ride like this:
What is a MEET-UP?
NOUN an informal meeting or gathering.
v. To come together at a place, especially in order to accomplish something

The mission of my BANDED meetup rides are to get together in an informal ride:
• To help newbies & rehab riders to get stronger and confident enough to do other group rides and events.
• A gentle warm up for more the experienced riders to do other group rides.
• Explore new areas of Zwift in small doses.
• Decrease the some of the stress in your life during these CRAZY times.
• To make new ride buddies of all levels.
• Have good time with other riders without the worry of falling behind, trying to keep up or being dropped.

Good news: the work to fix this bug is done, and we’re QA testing the next game update that contains it.

Relief is coming soon, everybody. Just hang on a few more days, ok?

When the release drops - remind everyone in your meetups to go update prior to the meetup.


How did people ride on Zwift before October 2019 when there was no meetup keep together? :thinking: :thinking:

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Ok, great, can’t wait! But just had such a bad experience that I still need to vent. I feel like I want a discount on zwift for the month. :pouting_cat: Second group workout that has been like this: little rubber banding, weaving all over road; all other zwift users visible. Additional problem this time was that chat only seemed to exist for those one was close to. Basically all the things that make group workouts work are broken!!!
I’m on an iPad, don’t know if everyone experiencing all the problems but there were plenty of complaints.