"Keep Together" broken in Meetups [v 1.0.50775]

Everyone - we’ve been working on this bug. It didn’t make it into the hot fix that released this week.

Once it passes testing, we’ll get it in an update as soon as we can.


Not for tomorrow? I Have The Uber Pretzel Meetup, but without Keep Everyone Together …it will be a mess

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I have to cancel my 64th Birthday (6/19) Alp ride. Without the banding, even with my dedicated friends who are so much stronger than me, I would never make it. I’ve had multiple leg & foot surgeries as well as a pending joint replacement once this virus has calmed down so pushing my limits is very limited.

I’ve worked very hard to bring riders of different levels together for a good time during isolation & stress. The lack of banding is tearing us apart. front group finished 5 miles ahead of the middle group and 7 miles ahead of the last group.


I noticed in the last week or so on my last three rides that the feature to keep riders together is no longer working. Was working fine until a week or so ago.

Apparently a known bug following the last update. Zwift is aware and state they are working on it.

Meetup major issue,
Since update rubberband feature isn’t working, both riders on pc and ant+, 3per week since update, none worked
Other rider is a new zwifter, like many new guys meetup with differing power levels, this was key, he (like no doubt many) are now debating staying long term or leaving.
Zwift this couldnt have come up at a worst time for converting these potentials to long termer zwifter.
Have posted elsewhere, but remembered a link on the club Jarvis app page, to here, which seem to get seen, (re my 1st post- about 2nd guest world) hopefully you can prioritise this issue.

The past 2 days I have created a meetup with my wife. Richmond and today pretzel. Both days we do not stay together although the ride is set to keep together and see other riders. As the person creating the meetup at various points all riders drop out and the graph on the right shows only me in green although it also states the number of riders riding overall. Then without notice everyone comes back on the screen and I am behind my meetup partner unable to catch up. This happened at least 5 times today. In the end I got the banner that showed I completed the pretzel, then shortly after completed the meetup banner. I saved the ride but it is not appearing in my account however the meetup does show in my wife’s account with her stats. It does not show in the companion app or zwift.com. I can give more details if necessary.

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What is Zwift’s approach to regression testing ? It seems many features get broken by updates.


I started off on a ride today with some friends and only fell behind by like .3 of a mile, but it didn’t rubber band me back to them. Then I didn’t even see the friends on “Zwifters you follow.” Us that a glitch in the system or mine?

This is not just an issue with keep everyone together. We had a meetup yesterday in New York, without keep everyone together. Most of the participants started together, in a race pen behind a start banner. Unusually everything was set up like a race, and everyone even had the category ‘A’ icon. When the meetup started, 4 of the 20 or so participants started in a completely different spot on the route (6 train).

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Do we have any updates on this at all from Zwift HQ ? Prograss seems usually slow?

Hi James, Were those 4 on the latest version of the app?

I’ll try to find out

I’m sure it’s not a surprise, but just filing another vote for PLEASE FIX THIS. Riding alone is just so boring and reduces motivation to get started at all, since I know I won’t be “seeing” my friends.

coming on board here to keep this thread going. the issue persists. was a very frustrated group ride last weekend.


Another workout meetup scheduled for tomorrow, sadly enough I already have a feeling we wont be riding together like we have planned. An update on the situation would be nice, a zwift update would be even better. I had my other workout on Friday and I could not stay near my friends. I was pedaling less wattage then recommended at 90% intensity and still was not able to slow down enough to get closer to them. I ended up stopping my workout and continued riding the remaining time just to be able to stick near them. I was not amused.

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Any update on this? ? This is a big deal to folks as it is an issue in group workouts AND meet ups. I am losing participation in my activities due to this bug.

Nothing new to report since 3 days ago.

When there’s news to report, I will update this thread.

Same issue here with the meetup with workout uploaded. Apparently everyone is together but when the meetup starts some stay together and some stay behind or even kilometers in front.

Hi, Can you not give an estimate of when likely to be fixed. To be honest I don’t understand the lack of communication.