Keep it going while injured

Zwifting for injured riders.

Good weather and great friends make for great riding in the summer. But unfortunately I had a fall that will put me out of road riding for a bit.

Keeping the fitness up with Zwift.
Did this 20k race in group C. Riders are grouped A B C D depending on the your FTP and weight. (FTP/Kg). So mine works out at 2.8, puts me in group C.
Anyway finished 50th out of 88 overall, and finished 5th out of 10 for group C. Some riders remain unclassified. This may be due to not being registered on Zwiftpower, or being in the wrong group and being disqualified.
Found that Zwift automatically detects an FTP if you go above your manually entered one.
Anyway it works out that you do not have to do the dreaded 20 minute ride from ■■■■ while doing an FTP.
Just join a 20k or 30k race and as long as you keep above your existing FTP for 20 minutes, your new FTP will be recorded.

For me it was a much more engaging way to test out your fitness level while having fun racing with other riders, albeit in virtual reality.

Speedy recovery to you.
Zwuft should make adding a cast on one leg and an arm in a sling so everyone can tell they are an injured rider.

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But that will not be your true FTP, there is a big difference between just hammering for 20min and doing the complete test. The FTP test is designed in such way to tax your system before you get to the 20min section.