Keep getting asked to re-connect to ZP to Zwift

I keep having to re-connect my Zwift account to ZwiftPower, going though the ‘add numbers to last name’ routine, etc.

Each time I do it, it all looks successful, ZwiftPower says I have connected, but when I come back a few days later, ZwiftPower has forgotten and it wants me to do the connection routine again.

I am opted-in for ZP on zwift (see cut&paste below) and I follow all the steps on – EXCEPT - I never see the consent form described in step 5. Where is this?


Thanks, Keith

Consent to sharing your activity results and activity history including detailed performance data, race performance and profile information on the ZwiftPower site.



That’s super weird. Let us look into it.

It has just happened again… I haven’t reconnected yet if you want to take a look.

And weirdly it seems to be fine from another machine