Keen price on a Smart trainer

I got an email through this morning from Wiggle with this in it:
(Here’s where there was a link to it but the forum software won’t let me link to it)
Google Wiggle then once on their site search for " lifeline xplova noza s smart trainer "
I’ve no idea if they’re any good but at this price its gotta be worth a punt even if you send it back after a couple of weeks should you find it to be rubbish, £300 is not to be sniffed at!

(Sorry if someone else has already posted this)

Never heard of that model previously but at that price it’s a good option.
Looking at the spec its pretty good.

2500w Max
18% slope simulation
2.5% accuracy.

It’s no Neo or Kickr but then it’s considerably cheaper.

Like you say it’s worth a punt.

‘Xplova’ makes me a little suspicious of the quality of the power adaptor :smiley:

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Supposedly power is not so accurate, less accurate then claimed. Overreads power and gets worse when watts increase. With some seeing up to 15% higher watts in sprints.

Makes it perfect for winning in Zwift though! Wish we could see the trainers our competitors are using.


Company backed by “Acer” as in Acer computers…which are not known for quality.

Would not recommend.

Hey, Acer made nice computers in the early 90s.

Ah, the era of the “Turbo” button.

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I had an Acer notebook computer in 1992, Windows 3.1. That sucker had a 60 megabyte hard drive, tell you what. We ran a disk doubler on it, got that to 120mb. No way I was ever going to be able to fill that.

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Could become more popular than Direto. :wink:

It would be nice to see the brand of trainer listed.

Lifeline is the manufacturer by the looks of things Chris, if it does read 15% high then I’m getting one😁