Kask Protone Icon Mission FAQ [2022]

Hi Suzanne

So glad to hear that, as mine was a technical issue, they would credit my ride :face_with_peeking_eye::see_no_evil:

…France is not available during the mission time frame.

It seems odd that one of the biggest climbs in the game isn’t on the guest world schedule at all while there’s a climbing mission going on. Climbing mission aside, it’s just strange that France/Paris isn’t on the calendar for half a month (especially when that half a month includes 8 days of Makuri/NYC).

While not ideal, if you want to do Ven-Top, you can create a meetup and ride that route.

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It is only 2500m you can do that in just over 2x the alpe de Zwift.

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Saving it up for something special for the tour de france? maybe?

This mission didn’t really need long climbs - it was easy to complete it with regular riding on routes with moderate hills. That made me think: what if challenges were harder at higher levels? Like 300m per level to complete it, or some kind of escalating requirement according to level. Easy for newcomers, hard for level 50s.

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I’ve been thinking the same thing… I finished the challenge a few days ago and I’ve only done one ride with any real climbing (Reverse Epic KOM) since it started. Tiered challenges/missions would be great. Similar to how Strava has monthly distance challenges at 400, 800, and 1200k.

I just signed up for this mission. Will my rides in the past few days (before I signed up) count towards the 2500m climbing goal?

In principle, no. (But I’m ready to be contradicted by a member of Zwift staff.)

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That sucks! I wish I had noticed the start of the challenge earlier :frowning: There’s no way I’ll be able to complete the challenge now, with so few days until the deadline.

I can understand your disappointment. Then again it is a very minor mission, and these kind of things are appearing more and more frequently, so I’m sure there will be something similar again in the next few months. This one was only running for 2 weeks, and all you get is a badge for completing a mission, and yet another virtual helmet (plus the chance for someone out of tens of thousands to win a single real helmet).
If you really want to complete it, you could do 2.5 ascents of the Alpe between now and Friday.

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Is correct you need to enroll before your elevation will be counted.

Create a meetup with any of your followers (they dont have to attend) on Ven Top, the equivalent of ~1.7x up the whole route completes the mission, if my tired maths hasn’t failed me. Loads of time to do that. :wink: