Just upgraded Card on my Mac Pro, but still no Ultra resolution?

I already had a butter smooth framerate at 1920x1080 with my old Radion 5780 1GB. So I decided to invest even more to have that unicorn 2K experience of ULTRA resolution, but after upgrading to Radion HD 7970 3GB card and playing around with settings I still couldn’t get that “ULTRA” settings. 


Full Spec:

Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB GDDR 5

Mac Pro 3.2GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

Memory 16GB

SSD 256

Samsung 55" Curved 4K Display (everything runs at 4K except for the game).

OS X El Capitan


Should I have any hope with the above specs to get the full 2K experience of 2560x1440 goodness? And then there is that double Unicorn of 4K…

Thank you!

This may not help but I have a Mac Pro with Dual AMD FirePro D300 (2048mb) and see the Ultra Setting.  I use this computer for work not for training but wondered what it looked like on my Dell 2560x14400displays

Vilen - curious how you like the curved display. I’m getting some new hardware to better run Zwift and am hesitating between 40inch flat and 29 inch curved (both about same price)

I have both now the Curved TV and Curved Display (Samsung 34" Ultrawide). In the game file log you can manually override the resolution to whatever you want allowing you to run the game on ultra wide settings. The UI (leaderboards) gets stretched a bit, but the game itself looks amazing and you get immersed in the wrap around view. So go for that! 

That is my current setup. TV to watch something else, Display to run the game. 

Thanks for the quick response. Amazing setup, exactly what I had in mind. Do you know what sort of stand you have for the monitor?

Also can I ask how you are liking the neo. On paper I love but I read about all the problems on the forums and my finger slides away from the ‘buy’ button. You get no weird noises? No weird rumblings? No derailleur contact with the neo when in the large cog?

Thanks again, 



That is Vivo Triple Monitor Vertical Stand. Got it on Amazon. Love the Neo, got it end of December and haven’t had any issues. I turn it on and off after each ride so the only noise I hear is when I’m on it. Compared to other trainers it is very quiet. No issues with deraileur either. Maybe certain bike frames have contact issues with the trainer. I had to raise my front by about half an inch to get it right. 

On those cold rainy days this setup definitely saved me hassle. 


Excellent. Thanks again!


I like your stand a lot! Looking at the amazon link, the Vivo Triple Monitor Vertical Stand supposedly only hold up to 27inch monitor.

Do you find any issue with your Samsung 34" Ultrawide?


I’ve now had this Vivo Triple Monitor stand for over a year an a half and tweaked the set up many many times only to come back to the same stand. I’ve tried another cheaper 2 Monitor stand, but found the base to be too flimsy for the 34" and also the clamp isn’t as grippy (when adjusting the monitor). All in all, definitely go for the Triple Stand, but be ready to cut off the top of it to the height that you want it at. I’ve cut mine so that I can have both a TV and a Monitor be visible at the same time. You can use any pipe cutting tool that is wide enough ($10-20).

So how do you, “In the game file log … manually override the resolution to whatever you want allowing you to run the game on ultra wide settings”? I have a ultrawide 34" monitor but am not sure how to get the resolution to utilize the entire monitor.

Tim try here - https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/204557656-Better-support-for-2K-Resolution-2560x1440