Junior Rider Weight- Needs a lower minimum

Not ideal, but you could lower Trainer Difficulty. Indeed, you could turn it off. It would at least enable them to get over the steepest climbs.

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How are we progressing for this fix of the minimum weight 3 month later?

Are we close to see something?

Hey there , can anyone correct me if I’m wrong:
minimum weight is still 45 kg.
Race classification on ZwiftPower is 95% of FTP during 20 min decided by weight.
So actually while zwifting free and in a race (my12 yo son did two races now in D categories )
the aim for not being a weight doper but that doesn’t count in the opposite way? Meaning as an young rider everybody is 45b kg.
Perhaps Zwiftpower needs to ask the UCI riders number if it’s a competitive rider.
thx, ride on

I have same problem.
My 7 y.o. son weight 22kg.
I solve this problem with power meter tuning. Double his power. So now he can ride with his real 4-4.5 w/kg.

I weigh 35kg but I can’t enter a weight below 45kgs so when I race I am at a serious disavantage. Please Fix!