Jungle - Visuals 'Bounce / Off-Road Effect' - Not Good!

I have some feedback on the visuals in the Jungle (and maybe other) areas.

I get why the developers included the random ‘bounce’ in the visuals as an intuitive way to represent the rough nature of the track, but seriously, I feel like I’m going to have a seizure looking at it when I ride the Jungle.

I’m lucky to be able to Zwift on a 42" TV, so maybe this is a large screen issue that isn’t as apparent on a tablet or laptop, but at the moment I actively avoid the Jungle just because by brain can’t deal with the bumping.

In general, I think that the bounce effect is effective on smaller areas of cobbles or transitions between roads as it provides some visual feedback, but it’s just too sustained going through the Jungle, it doesn’t add anything as a visual interlude or cue, it’s monotonous and makes the screen almost distressing to look at.

I love riding Titan’s grove - it’s probably my favourite road because the visuals are so interesting, I have a feeling that I might enjoy the Jungle too, but at the moment it’s too hard to see anything with the visuals algorithm making things constantly jump around in a seemingly random manner.

Intuitively, anybody who had driven, run or ridden off road knows that the human visual system doesn’t work like that in real life, so I think that the idea of the constant randomised bumpiness as somehow providing a good representation of an off-road riding effect is very flawed anyway. The effect as currently implemented just looks like I’m riding a demented pogo stick.

I think that, much like the ‘pain effect’, there should be an option available to disable, or maybe even reduce in stages the magnitude of, the random ‘bounce’ effect on longer off-road routes. Either that, or remove it from most of the route and save it for key transition points.

I agree it’s an unpleasant sensation. One alternative I’ve found is to use a different camera viewpoint. The non-first person views do not have the jostling effect.

I’m using the PC application.

Yes, I rode most of TDZ stage 7 looking backwards, hardly an ideal solution though!