Jungle loop is slower?

Just use the mountain bike and you will be faster.

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It seems my old best times were much faster than new times with mt bike.

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Using a mtb in the jungle gets me nowhere near my old times as using a road bike before the rolling resistance change. Judging by all the comments I think Zwift should just admit their mistake and return things to where they were. Why spend time on changing something that was fine before. If they wanted to add this feature, create a mtb course. Road to Ruins used to be one of my favourite rides but have only done it once since October. You certainly don’t see many comments from Zwift on this topic. The Tour de Watopia Jungle circuit with 5 laps is going to be ■■■■.


I said nearly the exact same thing months ago. Don’t worry, all the Watopia Wayfinders and the 2.3 people who like the change will be along shortly to tell us exactly how we’re suppost to ride in the game. This will be followed by them being critical of anything “negative” you or I say about Zwift. If you try to be critical back to them, they have all the power and you’ll get a warning about “being nice” on the forums like I did a few days ago.


I don’t know. There are a lot of people fairly excited at the addition of more content geared towards other cycling disciplines. The other thing is that a lot of people simply use their power output rather than time to determine if they are faster on a given route than they used to be, assuming they weigh the same. While it may be a loss in one sense, users stand to gain a wider variety of content to get fitter to. I think Zwift are also tweaking the drafting algorithm and looking into slowing down around corners which will also affect time, but may improve the user experience.


I was extremely critical of this change and stopped riding the jungle until the MTBs and gravel bikes were released, now the joy is back! You might not be able to go as fast as you used to, but that’s not the case for me.


I did them too using the “free” Zwift Mountain bike, but just because I’m hunting exp via badges atm trying for level 35. After that I don’t care so much.

After I get them all, a few small routes to finish, I’ll be ignoring the jungle again. Make all the dirt routes you want, but common sense says don’t change what’s already in the game and mess with peoples PB’s and training.

i get that it is annoying and i’d have preferred it had stayed the same but rather than avoid it completely why not just treat it as a new route? start building new data and rides to compare to?

but to be fair there are plenty of other roads and routes to ride.


That seems a bit heavy handed.

There are two problems with the change - it is broken and it is unpopular.

First point - it is broken. If you have smart trainer go cycle the transition between tarmac and gravel near the Italian Villas - this is nice and flat so no confounding factors. Pick a resonable gear and cycle away from the Volcano at a steady speed - a cadence of 70rpm and a power of 220W gets me 30kph. Keep steady and cross into gravel - notice the difference? Nope? that’s right - there isn’t one. All that happens is that your speed will drop to 20kph with no change in apparent resistance. This is broken as in the real world and any sensible simulation you will feel and increase in effort needed for 30kph. It should be obviously impossible to cycle at two different speeds with the same gear and cadence.

Second point - unpopular. Last time I was one I did one of the routes to collect that badges that took me along the reverse Jungle Loop. There were 3000+ cyclists in Watopia at the time, but not a single one had done the reverse loop and set a time. Previously doing another route I did the forward Jungle Loop and there were single digit people who had set a time (I think six but may have been seven or eight)… Previously to the gravel shenanigans this often would be 100+ with 3000 concurrent users.

I’d love to see the internal stats showing route riders over time - I suspect there has been a pretty big drop for the gravel routes.


how about they had one half of the road as gravel and the other as tarmac and there was a turn selection to chose which section you rode on just before it started?

so people could ride the “old” way if they wanted and those who like the change could still ride that?

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I haven’t ridden the jungle loop since the change. The only time I use any part of it is if I want to do Alpe d Zwift (which is rare). Then I begrudgingly use the gravel to get there. Other than that it’s, sadly, a lost part of the Watopia to me now.

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Hi Kris,
I agree the Jungle Loop change was not the best idea that Zwift had. I really liked the route the way it was.
I will say though, if you are in a good group, on your road bike, it can fun watching other Zwifter’s switch to MTB’s and then try to re-catch the group they just lost. You have to work harder, but if you can get in a good quick group, I’d stick with the road bike. I’ve don’t that a few times with the “Zwift Fondo’s”. :slightly_smiling_face:

On my own though, on a long ride I’d change. :frowning_face:

I’d be quite happy if they changed it back though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Was riding Quatch Quest today and once I hit the jungle my speed dropped dramatically. Pushing 250+ Watts on the downhill sections for about 14km/hr. Is that really a feature of the gravel sections, or was something glitching out on me? Other Zwifters were flying past at what appeared to be normal speeds.
After re-pairing everything without any change in results I ended up quitting my ride in frustration.