June Update... the lockdown list

Hi All,

So the June update is only a matter of days away now. What is the BIGGEST thing you want added or updated?

New World / New Routes / More MTB Trails / Bigger Drop Shop?

Let me know…

For me a more user friendly HUD and a companion App that wants to be a companion is what I’m chasing.

Less bugs.

More trainers supported.

Route info to include lead in.

Basically these so there are less complaints on the forums.

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  • Companion app that tracks all time route PBs and allows us to compare efforts (especially now that Strava has started charging).

  • Trophy case in game to show completed challenges/PBs/Jerseys.

  • Able to see challenge/mission status from main start up page to avoid going into a ride to then decide to do another route.

  • Fix screenshot bug

I’m sure there’s more!!


Do you have the power to make all of our dreams come true like some sort of a Zwift genie? Rub the magic bidon and get 3 wishes :joy: :ride_on:


I only have one wish Auto-Assign Race Categories Please. :star_struck:

You can use the other two for what ever you want. :rofl:


is that a thing? No major updates until we’re back to some sort of normality and demand has levelled out, I would have thought.

May not be major features but there’s at least a bugfix [sic] release on the horizon.

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Private events that’s can:

  • Be invite only.

  • Create categories on various methods (pure watts or w/kg or ITT best time on lap).

  • Have a leader board at the end of the race.

  • Have a points system with intermediate and final standing points.

Also a major update to the companion app to allow you to view your history, PBs, various power numbers and trends etc. Also on the companion app the ability to shop and use your garage to browse bikes, clothes etc. And choose for the next ride. I would also like the companion app to act like a bike computer, with customisable screens with averages etc.
Also the trophy case mentioned. A list if things I have done and how well and also what I haven’t done.

So, all in all not much :rofl::rofl:


Mike, I wish mate… sadly no.

Demand had levelled out. Back to normal levels now.

Watopia expansion pack. A big one.

I’ll be gone for a few months over summer, and this is the only thing that may keep me here, or get me back a bit earlier.


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:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: Been hoping for this for too long!

I really hope to see new roads in Watopia :crossed_fingers:

I crave the updates.

At least Zwift give genuine update notes rather than the usual “various bug fixes”. But for sure it’ll be a June mission, a new set of mid-range bikes, a fix for something you didn’t realise was broken, etc etc.

Where’s that ATV UI update?? :upside_down_face:


Ability to sync to Polar flow would be great. I know it’s likely a Polar issue but this is a wishing-well type thread, right?

From Zwift Companion app…

  1. A filter to see which events I have RSVPd to without having to trawl through tons of others. Especially given that it takes an age to load any events beyond ‘today’
  2. Ability to search for a specific event (either by name of organising club or event name). This is good for events held once a week or to look for events part of a series.

From Zwift Game:

  1. All I ask is to see how far I am on a specific route. So many times I’ve miscalculated and ended a ride just before the end of the course.


  1. on companion is there, took me months to find it just swipe left over the first event that shows as rsvp on the home page and you will see the next one etc … I found several non intuitive features on companion that way …
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Thank you!!! This is so helpful.