Judging Relative KPIs

A few ideas…

  1. Create a “Pass” counter - calculates the riders you pass during a ride and the number of riders who pass you, and gives you a number at the end of your ride. Just an indicator of how you are doing overall. Kinda of like pizza slices but relative to your peers.
  2. Enable riders to review their stats versus those ina
    specific age/gender/weight categories.Allows better understanding of relative performance and the user can determine the population of interest.
  3. Enable screen zoom - I have trouble seeing the on-going comments and some of the other screen info (visually challenged). It would be great to be able to increase the font size or areas of the screen to better interact with the info.
  1. No, never. Not everyone is riding on Zwift at the same zone or at the same level and this could be a deterrent to new riders. Not a useful metric.

  2. Strava has this, I don’t t think Zwift needs to get into that kind of data at the moment.

  3. Search the forums and vote up Customize HUD