Jordan Rapp: eSports and Sport Converge (Stephen Seiler guest lecture)

This is an interesting presentation by Jordan Rapp (ex-Zwift) to Stephen Seiler’s students about eSports and how they compare to traditional sports. It’s not all about Zwift, but there is a significant amount of Zwift-specific content.

A section on Zwift specifically starts 26 minutes in.

Some nice nuggets of information, such as how Jordan parameterised the physics, so the physics the UCI champs use might not be the same as what we ride day to day.

Oh, and some trainers are OP, but gaming the system isn’t necessarily cheating. :wink:

please do not take game design tips from apex legends, zwift. i don’t ask for much

I don’t think he even suggested such a thing. But if that was your take-away, fair enough.

But also I’m sure there are things that other games do that could bring more excitement to Zwift. Certainly I’ve seen stuff in Zwift’s competitors that I think are great additions, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Apex or other similar games had useful ideas.